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  • MKM720-11
  • MKM720-11
  • MKM720-11
K-type Blimp (K-19/43/125) 'Special Markings' USUALLY £19.70. TEMPORARILY SAVE 1/3RD!!! Non-rigid airships (or blimps) were the first types of lighter-than-air craft. Since the turn of the 20th century, they have been employed on a large scale by armed forces and also engaged commercially.
The Goodyear Aircraft Company, the foremost producer of airships in the United States, produced a series of K-class airships which became the backbone of the US Navy's airship fleet in WWII. Developed from earlier 1930s designs, the prototype ZNP-K-2 first flew in December 1938 and the production was started two years later. A total of 134 airships in four production batches had been built by the end of 1944.
The K-type airship consisted of a fabric covered
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