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Lockheed Hudson /A-29/PBO-1 Hudson. WAS £21.40. TEMPORARILY SAVE 1/3RD!!! Lockheed Company was delivering navy patrol and training Hudson Mk.I (Lockheed model 214) to Great Britain since February 1939. The design was based on civil model 14. The equipment of the machines was in accordance with British demands and the machine also received gun turrets and armament. When Pearl Harbour was attacked and USA subsequently entered the war, both Army and Navy needed all available aircraft types. Therefore a part of production was seized and handed over to USAAF and U.S. Navy. The machines equipped with R-1820 engines were designated
A-29 (USAAF) or PBO-1 (U.S. Navy), machines equipped with R-1830 engines were designated A-28. A-29s didn't carry the B
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