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  • PSL72360
  • PSL72360
  • PSL72360
Italian Aces of WW I. Part 3. SPAD. / 72-360 /
1. SPAD Vll S4702(?) of Capitano Francesco Baracca 91 Squadriglia, Spring 1917.

2. SPAD Vll serial unknown of Sottotenente Luigi Olivari 91 Squadriglia, Spring 1917.

3. SPAD Vll S1544 and 4707 of Tenente Giuliano Parvis 91 Squadriglia, Autumn 1917.

4. SPAD Vll serial unknown of Sottotenente Carlo 'Francis' Lombardi 77 Squadriglia, Autumn 1917.

5. SPAD Xlll S2445(?) of Maggiore Francesco Baracca, 91 Squadriglia, Spring 1918.

6. SPAD Vll S6367(?) of Tenente Ferruccio Ranza 91 Squadriglia, Spring 1918.

7. SPAD Vll S1420 of Tenente Ernesto Cabruna 77 Squadriglia, Summer 1918.

8. SPAD Xlll S2438 of Capitano Fulco Ruffo di Calabria, 91 Squadriglia, Summer 1918.

9. SPAD Xlll serial unkn
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