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  • PSL72393
  • PSL72393
  • PSL72393
Focke-Wulf Fw-190 in Foreign Service
1. FW-190A-3 W.Nr 142310, in which Uffz Helmut Brandt of 2./JG 54 performed a belly-landing in the south-east part of frozen Lake
Ladoga on 13 January 1943.

2. FW-190A-8/R6 W.Nr 580967, Which was captured due to Gustav Heuler’s desertion to the Soviets in September 1944.

3. NC900A-8 No 28, the next one plane of ‘Normandie-Niemen’.

4.FW-190F-8 W.521 “White 21" of 102/2 Vadaszbom-bazoszazad, Varpalota, Hungary, winter 1944/45. The plane was flown by Sandor Horvath.

5.FW-190F-8 W.524 “Yellow 24" of 102/2 Vadaszbom-bazoszazad, Trans-Dunabian area, Hungary 1944. The same as W.517 above, the plane has a squadron badge (’Puli’ - a dog’s name) applied below windscreen.

6. FW-190A-5 sent
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