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Plastic Weld PWPPC-2

Plastic Weld polystyrene cement/glue for polystyrene plastic (2 fl.oz/57ml) ;;; This solvent sticks all normal model making plastics, i.e. perspex, ABS, butyrate, styrene, acrylic etc.

It has a long shelf life, is fast acting (grabs in seconds), and has a water-like consistency so it is best used by holding or clamping the surfaces together and running a loaded brush or applicator along the length of the joint (solvent will be drawn into the joint by capillary action). A second application can be made if required, but is not normally necessary.

When joining dissimilar plastics, i.e. styrene to butyrate, the hardest material (in this case butyrate) should have the joint surface softened, by giving a light coat of solvent, prior to holding the su
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Plastic Weld
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Adhesives, glues and fillers (surface)
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