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RS Models RSMI92149

  • RSMI92149
  • RSMI92149
Description: This product is second hand
NEARLY GOOD AS NEW!!! Heinkel He-280V-3 4 decal variants

1. He-280, V3, summer 1941

2. He-280 A, 3./JG300, 1944 /alternate marking/

3. He-280 A, 14./JG4, 1944 /alternate marking/

4. He-280 A, 1./JG51, 1944 /alternate marking/

The Heinkel He 280 was the first turbojet-powered fighter aircraft in the world. It was inspired by Ernst Heinkel's emphasis on research into high-speed flight and built on the company's experience with the He 178 jet prototype. A combination of technical and political factors led to it being passed over in favor of the Messerschmitt Me 262. Only nine were built and none reached operational status.
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