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  • RSMI92155
  • RSMI92155
  • RSMI92155
Description: This product is second hand
NEARLY GOOD AS NEW!!! Lockheed P-38D Lightning 3 decal variants for USA

1. P-38D, 1st. PG, California Manoeuvres, October 1941

2. P-38D, 1st. PG, California Manoeuvres, October 1941

3. P-38D, USAF, 1942

First major production version for the USAAF was the P-38E. It differed from the D-version in having a 37mm cannon with the 15round magazine replaced by a 20mm with 150 rounds. It also had a revised nose section with double the ammunition capacity of earlier versions, improved instrumentation and a revised hydraulic and electrical systems, and a SCR-274N radio. Operating in the Aleutians, the 54FS was the first unit to see combat in the Lightning, and the first kills scored by the P-38 were made by pilots in this unit.
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