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Special Hobby SH06432

Brewster F2A-1 Buffalo SAVE £5.52!!! This is new but was delivered with a slightly damaged box.

(Same as SH32064) damaged box; rip on side of box.

'The First In U.S. Service' he Brewster Aeronautical Corporation, an ambitious and originally a car body building company, became famous in aviation world chiefly for the F2A Buffalo mid-wing fighter with retractable undercarriage, designed by Dayton T.Brown and R.D.MacCart in 1936 to meet the U.S. Navy requirement for an all-metal carrier-based fighter plane. The U.S. Navy were looking for a new fighter plane to replace their already obsolete F3F biplane fighter machines. The prototype known under factory designation as Model 139 and in the military as the XF2A-1, took off for the very first t
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Special Hobby
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Aircraft kits (injection)
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