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Syhart Decal SY72060

  • SY72060
  • SY72060
Re-printed! Dassault Mirage F.1JA FAE806 30 Aņos 1979-2009 Ecuadorian AF. On October 2009, for the 30 years servicing of the Mirage F.1 in the Fuerza Aerea Ecuadoriana (Ecuadorian Air Force), the Mirage F.1JA FAE806 of Escadron 2112 receiced this colorful scheme on the tail and the central fuel tank. Note the Peruvian Sukhoi Su-22 Silhouette under the the cockpit, it was shot down by this aircraft during the Cepena conflict, another sukhoi was destroyed on same day by the Mirage F.1JA FAE807. The Mirage F.1JA is the export version of the Mirage F.1E (Export) for the Ecuadorian Air Force. It is same as the Mirage F.1C, without refueling probe. (The twin seater version is called Mirage F.1JE) Ecuador = 16x F-1JA & 2x F-1JE
Syhart Decal
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