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Syhart Decal SY72118

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  • SY72118
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  • SY72118
General-Dynamics F-16AM Falcon E-191 "Dannebrog 800 år" Royal Danish AF - 2019. The flag of Denmark (Dannebrog) is the oldest national flag of the world, according to the legend it would have appeared in the sky on June 15, 1219 during a battle.
On June 15, 2019, for the 800 years of the Danish flag, among many events organized for the occasion in Denmark, the F-16AM Falcon E-191 fully weared with the Danish banner flew over a large part of the country to commemorate the event .

The F-16AM E-191 is the very first Falcon of the Danish Air Force to be fully decorated since its entry into service in 1980, a rare event there too and very successful rendering on the ground as well as in flight. decoration with clean lines, designed by Mr Mads Bangsø. [F-16A]
Syhart Decal
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