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Wingnut Wings WNW32079

Hannover Cl.II (Early) The highly distinctive Hannover Cl.II (cee-el-too) was an excellent low level two-seat escort fighter and ground attack aircraft. Powered by a 180hp Argus As.III engine, the Hannover “battle plane" was well liked when it entered service in the middle of 1917; it was strong, fast, light weight and in certain circumstances could outmanoeuvre enemy single seat fighters. The high position of the crew in the distinctive fuselage gave them an excellent field of vision unobstructed by the top wing, and the innovative biplane tailplane increased the observer’s field of fire rearwards. Depending on mission requirements the Hannover Cl.II could carry various models of camera and wireless equipment as well as small bombs. The Hannover
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Wingnut Wings
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Aircraft kits (injection)
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