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Furball Aero-Design FBD72010
1:72 'Grumman F-14A Tomcat Stencil and Data' set in 1/72 scale (72-010). This set includes one set of stencils for the Gull Gray over white scheme, as well as a set of stencils for the Tactical Paint Scheme. This set provides enough stencil and data to complete 2 models Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £7.99
Out of Stock
Furball Aero-Design FBD72008
1:72 “F-35 Anthology Part III" covers options for seven USMC Lockheed-Martin F-35B Lightning IIs and one F-35B of the Italian Navy. USMC’s F-35B. Finally, the F-35 gets some color! . Enough stencil and data is provided to build two complete models. The decal sheet itself measures 8.5" x 7.5". Here are the aircraft covered: -VMFA-121, F-35B 169164, (VK-01), MCAS IWAKUNI, 2018 -VMX-1, F-35B 168312, (MV-52), USS AMERICA, 2016 ... Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £12.99
Out of Stock
Furball Aero-Design FBDS7201
1:72 Grumman F-14A Tomcats part 1 “Colors and Markings of US Navy F-14s Part I" This set includes complete coverage of all 4 aircraft involved in both 'Gulf of Sidra Incidents' as well as seven other VF-32 & VF-41 F-14A Tomcats. Two complete models can be built out of the 11 options provided. Here's a rundown of the aircraft covered: VF-32 F-14A 159016, “AE 201", USS INDEPENDENCE, 1983 (Hi-Viz CO) VF-32 F-14A 159462, “AE 205"... Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £16.99 - In Stock
Furball Aero-Design FBD72009
1:72 “VF-111 Sundowner Anthology" (72-009). This is a scale down of our very popular 1/48 version, and features options for 19 VF-111 Grumman F-14A Tomcats. Here are the Tomcats covered in this set: F-14A 160666, 'NL 200', USS Kitty Hawk, 1978 F-14A 160668, 'NL 201', USS Kitty Hawk, 1979 F-14A 160666, 'NL 200', USS Kitty Hawk, 1980 F-14A 160664, 'NL 213', USS Kitty Hawk, 1982 F-14A 160682, 'NL 210', USS Kitty Hawk, 1... Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £21.99
Out of Stock