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Special Armour SA35001
1:35 Kanon 3,7 cm KPUV vz.37 (3,7 cm PAK 37(t)) The Skoda Works in Pilsen had been a traditional gun manufacturer and supplier already since the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and after the independent Czechoslovak Republic was established in 1918, the company continued in this tradition and became one of the major armament suppliers for the new Czechoslovak Army and also exported large numbers of weapons world wide. In the ... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £7.99 - In Stock
Special Armour SA35002
1:35 75 mm horsky kanon vz.15 (7,5 cm Gerbirgskanone M.15 / 7,5 cm It was a long time tradition for the army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to use mountain guns, and in the beginning of the 20th century, mountain guns Mark 75 and Mark 99 were widely used. These types, however, were becoming outdated quite quickly becauseof rapid development of artillery techology of those times. The Skoda Works in Pilsen, a traditional supplier of ... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £7.99 - In Stock
Special Armour SA35003
1:35 R-2 TACAM Romanian tank destroyer Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £16.80 - In Stock
Special Armour SA35004
1:35 kanon 3,7 cm KPUV vz.37M / 3,7 cm Pak M 37 (t) In the 1930s, the Skoda development department came up with a design for a modern 37mm A3 anti-tank gun, which was later accepted by the Czechoslovak army and used under designation 3,7cm KPUV vz.34, (KPUV standing for Kanon Proti Utocne Vozbe, or Anti-Tank Gun). The Skoda design team did not lie back on their laurels and developed a modernised type known as the A4 which gained ex... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £8.99 - In Stock
Special Armour SA35007
1:35 VW type 825 "Pick Up" Ferdinand Porsche, a German automotive engineer, developed his famous "people's car", the VW Beetle on direct Adolf Hitler's impulse. During the Second World War, the vehicle was produced in large numbers and in various verisons and modofications, for both the military and the civil users. The Beetle had either two (rear) wheel drive or even four wheel drive. Besides the civil users, the Beetle saw milita... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £18.99 - In Stock
No Image Special Armour SA35009
1:35 Panhard 178B '47 mm Gun Late Turret' Post WWII Military vehicle kits (injection) Future Releases £37.99
Out of Stock
Special Armour SA72003
1:72 Re-released! German A-4/V-2 Rocket (camouflage paint schemes) rocket with launch platform (USE WITH SA72001 AND SA72012) Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £14.60 - In Stock
Special Armour SA72004
1:72 Sd.Kfz.11/4 Nebelkraftwagen Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £13.50 - In Stock
Special Armour SA72009
1:72 Vidawagen Street V-2 rocket transporter. The second kit from the Special Armour series offers the special trailer for transporting the A-4 (V-2 rocket "Revenge Weapon") rocket. The kit contains one sprue with plastic parts and a small fret with photo-etched parts. There are no decals, since the trailer carried no markings. Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £12.40 - In Stock
Special Armour SA72012
1:72 Meillerwagen A4/V-2 transporter (USE WITH SA72001 AND SA72003). We produce 1/72 scale high quality German A4/V2 rocket (kit nos. SA72003 and SA72014) and Hanomag SS-100 tractor (SA72001) in Special Armour line. SS-100 tractor's main purpose was not only rocket transport but it was also used on airfields for other heavy load transport. A4/V2 rockets were transported on low-bed trailers Vidalwagen (SA72010) and Meilerwagen. Meil... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £15.50 - In Stock
Special Armour SA72015
1:72 A-Stoffanhanger liquid oxygen fuel tank on trailer for V-2 rockets. The A-stoffanhänger is yet another model from our Special Armour range to represent a member of the A4/V2 family of support vehicles and the design of this model was completed using state of the art CAD. The parts of this kit are provided on two sprues of sand coloured plastic which are moulded within high quality injection steel moulds in order to make sure tha... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £13.40 - In Stock
Special Armour SA72017
1:72 Scheuch Schlepper Military vehicle kits (injection) Future Releases £TBA
Out of Stock
Special Armour SA72018
1:72 Trailer for the 'Biber' German Midget Submarine. One of the almost 'miracle' weapons that were to stop the victorious advance of the Allies, which they fortunately did not, was also the German Biber midget submarine (designed to be used with Special Navy kits). In 1944, when the mass production of the sub was commenced, also a new type of a road trailer was needed to haul the sub to the area of its combat deployment and a vari... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £13.50 - In Stock
Special Armour SA72019
1:72 Sd.Kfz 250/1 Ausf.A (Alte Ausfuhrung) Sd.Kfz 250 of the earlier variant with a hexagonal armoured hull was one of the most widely used German armoured carriers of WW2. The type was in the production and front line service since 1941. In 1943, it was replaced by a less complex Sd.Kfz 250/1 Neue Ausf.A. Both types remained in service until the end of the war, those captured by Allies even some time after that. Detail model wi... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £13.50 - In Stock
Special Armour SA72020
1:72 Marder II (Sd.Kfz.131) 'German Tank Destroyer'. This Marder II is a really superb model of the German WW2 tank destroyer, the first of a couple of models moulding tools of we have recently acquired from MK72. Rightfully the model was awarded the Model of the Year prize at the time it was released first. The Marder II tank destroyer was developed using the Pz.Kpfw.II tank chassis. The Soviet, heavy armoured KV-1, KV-2 and mo... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £14.60 - In Stock
Special Armour SA72021
1:72 Sd.Kfz.10 Zugkraftwagen 1t (Demag D7) The smallest of German half-track vehicles in a breathtaking 1/72 model. The moulding tools were purchased from the MK72 company which had been awarded Model of the Year when the kit had been originally released. The Sd.Kfz. 10 was a multi-purpose half-track military vehicle used for carrying troops and other tasks. The basic version Sd.Kfz.10 could also tow lighter artillery weapons suc... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £13.50 - In Stock
Special Armour SA72022
1:72 Sd.Ah 115 German tank transport trailer. This German Anhanger, or trailer, designated Sd.Ah.115 was widely used for transporting light weight tanks as well as other sorts of military vehicles of similar weights. The Wehrmacht had them in their service throughout the war. Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £13.50 - In Stock
Special Armour SA72024
1:72 3,7 cm PaK 36 'German Anti-tank Gun' In the initial stages of the war, the German Wehrmacht was equipped with 3,7cm PaK 36 anti-tank drawn guns. These were designed during the 1930s and first put to service in the Spanish Civil War. Before WW2, the guns were also exported to several countries including China, Finland or the Soviet Union. The latter also bought the licence rights and produced it as the M1930 (1-K) cannon. At th... Military vehicle kits (injection) New Arrivals £7.80 - In Stock
Special Armour SA72025
1:72 7,5 cm PaK 40 'German Anti-tank Gun'. The PaK 40 is arguably one of the most important German anti-tank weapons of the war. Our 1/72 model shows the gun in the wheeled version. Between 1939 and 1945 a total of more than 20,000 examples were built. They were used both with a wheeled chassis or mounted on a wide variety of Wehrmacht military vehicles. The gun was also exported to many German allies. It saw deployment on all fron... Military vehicle kits (injection) New Arrivals £8.99 - In Stock
No Image Special Armour SA72026
1:72 15 cm Nebelwerfer 41 'German Multiple Rocket Launcher' The Nebelwerfer 41 six-barrel rocket launcher was one of the German weapons the Allied soldiers were terrified of across all the battlefields it was used on. The German military introduced the Nebelwerfer into the service in 1941 and it remained used until the end of the war. Firing the smoke or explosive shells had also very strong psychologic effect mainly because of the... Military vehicle kits (injection) Future Releases £8.99
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