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Flightpath UK FHP72009
1:72 RAF Type D Bomb Trolley and 4,000lb 'Cookie' Bomb Military vehicle kits (metal) Catalogue £7.08 - In Stock
Flightpath UK FHP72211
1:72 Beaverette Mk.3 Airfield Defence Vehicle. This fascinating vehicle was introduced after the Dunkirk evacuation, as an extemporised armoured car. They were built on a 14hp car chassis, but it was only with the MK.III that proper armoured plating was introduced. They were armed with a Bren gun {as in the kit}, or with twin Vickers K machine guns. The Mk.III was used by the RAF for airfield defence Military vehicle kits (metal) Catalogue £9.00 - In Stock
Flightpath UK FHP72213
1:72 RAF/USAAF Commer Q2 Airfield Truck A super-detailed kit with new castings and photo-etch parts plus step-by-step CAD instructions. This vehicle was built for use by the RAF in WWII, and was also used by the USAAF in Britain. They were used for carrying air and ground crews to dispersal, and for carriage of equipment and spares etc. They survived in RAF service into the 1950s. They were powered by a 6 cylinder 60hp [later 80hp... Military vehicle kits (metal) Catalogue £13.33 - In Stock
Flightpath UK FHP72214
1:72 Austin 10HP 'Tilly' British Light Utility Car - Affectionately known as the 'Tilley', this common communications vehicle was based on the Austin 10 car chassis, with the rear passenger section converted to a pick-up style body, with canvas tilt. They were to be found at virtually all service installations - and were used by the British & Commonwealth forces, by the RAF & USAAF in Britain, and by U.S. forces in Europe. Many sur... Military vehicle kits (metal) Catalogue £11.00 - In Stock
Flightpath UK FHP72215
1:72 Humber 8cwt GS RAF Airfield Truck Sharing a common chassis with the other Humbers in our range, this interesting vehicle was used widely by the RAF in WWII for general airfield duties such as taking crews to disperal etc. Being particularly suited to the early period of the war, it is an ideal vehicle for your Blenheims/Whitleys displays etc. Military vehicle kits (metal) Catalogue £11.00 - In Stock
Flightpath UK FHP72222
1:72 Ford WOA2 Staff Car This vehicle was introduced in May, 1941, and continued in production until July 1944. They were used by the RAF, the USAAF in Britain, the British army and the Royal Navy. Military vehicle kits (metal) Catalogue £11.00 - In Stock
Flightpath UK FHP72223
1:72 Humber Heavy Utility 'Battle-axe' These vehicles were introduced in 1941, and remained in production until 1944. They were used as staff cars by the RAF, British Army and the Royal Navy, as well as civilian organisations, such as the Auxiliary Fire Service. They weighed 2 tons 7.5 cwt. and were fitted with a Humber 6 cyl. engine of 4.08 litres. Military vehicle kits (metal) Catalogue £12.49 - In Stock
Flightpath UK FHP72224
1:72 Fordson WOT.2H 15cwt GS Truck - Widely used by the Allied Forces, this last in the WOT.2 series features a steel body and full-width windscreen. Highly detailed wheels and much chassis detail are a feature of this kit. Includes step-by-step CAD instructions. Military vehicle kits (metal) Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Flightpath UK FHP72225
1:72 Fordson 'N' Airfield Tractor - The Fordson N made up 90% of all tractor production during WWII. Agricultural use aside, they were used by HM Forces, and were also widely used in the USA. In RAF service they were used for hauling bomb trains, for aircraft handling, and other general towing duties. Many were shipped abroad, for use on RAF establishments, and they were also used by the Royal Navy, both on airfields, and in dockya... Military vehicle kits (metal) Catalogue £9.00 - In Stock
Flightpath UK FHP72259
1:72 RAF Eager Beaver fork-lift truck. A super-detailed model that was used by BAe Harrier and Lockheed C-130 squadrons. The kit features full engine, transmission and lift details of this 4WD load hauling and lifting vehicle. Military vehicle kits (metal) Catalogue £26.66 - In Stock