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Airdoc ADL011
No Scale Back in stock! TaktlwG 73 "Steinhoff" JG 73 - JaboG 42 - LeKG42 1959-1975 Aircraft books New Arrivals 15/06/2019 £15.50 - In Stock
Airwaves (etched) AEM025
No Scale Re-released! Radius Scribing Template [4229-8] Modelling tools (etched) New Arrivals 03/05/2019 £8.50 - In Stock
Airwaves (etched) AEM040
No Scale Re-released! 4 ultra fine stainless steel razor saws. Free hand or use with the Swann Morton SM0933 no 3 handle [ST3549-35] Modelling tools (etched) New Arrivals 04/06/2019 £5.20 Out of Stock
Dragon CATDN19
No Scale Dragon Catalogue 2019 Catalogues and lists New Arrivals 26/04/2019 £4.50 - In Stock
Daco Publications DCB006
No Scale Back in stock! Uncovering the English Electric Lightning [BAC/EE Lightning] Almost all types of the EE Lightning are uncovered. Spread over 160 pages, two 1 meter long fold out pages. As standard in all "Uncovering" books all fuselage details and the Mk differences are given. Cockpits pictures are of the F.1A, F.2A, F.3, F.6, F.53 and T.5, undercarriage in detail, all panels opened up, the RR Avon engine, both engine bays with... Aircraft books New Arrivals 20/05/2019 £31.60 - In Stock
Dutch Profile DDP24
No Scale North-American F-86K Sabre KLu Aircraft books New Arrivals 24/06/2019 £13.99 - In Stock
HMH-Publications DH-SLE001
No Scale F-16 Dark Falcon Demo Team - 108 pages. Belgian Air Force F-16 Demo Team "Dark Falcon" . Gives a close-up and behind the scenes view of the very popular Demo Team. As one of the designers of the livery of the jet, we will even bring some photos of the painting process of the aircraft. Only 1.000 copies of this book will be made. It will have 108 pages. It is important to know that this book will not be reprinted. Aircraft books New Arrivals 31/05/2019 £22.00 - In Stock
Dream Model DMTOOL1-3
No Scale Back in stock! Razor saw and ruler (handle not included) Modelling tools (etched) New Arrivals 29/06/2019 £15.30 - In Stock
HMH-Publications HMHP006
No Scale Duke Hawkins: Eurofighter Typhoon. 116 pages and features every detail of the Typhoon, including walk-around, maintenance, cockpit, ejection seat out of the cockpit, ... It also shows the jet in action, with Eurofighter Typhoons of the RAF and Air Forces of Spain, Italy, Germany and Saudi Arabia, Aircraft books New Arrivals 31/05/2019 £22.00 - In Stock
HMH-Publications HMHP007
No Scale Duke Hawkins: Saab Viggen (also available in Special Hobby SH72411 a special limited edition box with two 1/72 scale kits: one single seat Viggen and one two-seat Viggen + a copy of the book) Aircraft books New Arrivals 31/05/2019 £20.00 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS103
No Scale Italian Air Force Paint set WWII vol. 1 The Aeronautica Nazionale Republicana (ANR) was the air force of the Italian Social Republic (the Republic of Salò) that existed from start of German occupation of Italy in 09/1943 until the end of WW2. It operated aircraft both of Italian (including Macchi M.C.205 Veltro and Fiat G.55 Centauro) and German origin. Whereas the German types mostly wore the standard Luftwaffe camouflage, t... Paint, Acrylic 17ml New Arrivals 26/04/2019 £15.40 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS104
No Scale Early Sukhoi Su-27S/Su-27P/Su-27UB "Flanker-B/C" paint set Paint, Acrylic 17ml New Arrivals 03/06/2019 £15.40 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS105
No Scale Mikoyan MiG-29A/MiG-29UB 4-colour scheme paint set. Although majority of MiG-29s in Warsaw Pact countries' AFs service wore the standard greyish green / grey scheme, it was not the case in Czechoslovakia and East Germany. Czechoslovakia received 18 MiG-29A (product 9.12A) and 2 MiG-29UB (product 9.51) - all in 4-colour camo scheme. After split of Czechoslovakia in 1992 MiG-29s were evenly divided between the Czech Republic and... Paint, Acrylic 17ml New Arrivals 03/06/2019 £15.40 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS106
No Scale WW2 Italian AFV paint set Paint, Acrylic 17ml New Arrivals 26/04/2019 £15.40 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS107
No Scale WW2 Dutch AF paint set vol. 1 The Dutch air forces were officially established in 1913 under the name of Luchtvaartafdeling (LVA, „the Aviation Department). In those early years majority of LVA’s aircraft wore a simple green (LVA Khaki) over blue (LVA Blue) scheme, with trainers in overall LVA Blue. Underfunded in the interwar period, LVA started rebuilding process only in 1938. At the beginning of WW2 LVA operated appx. 120 c... Paint, Acrylic 17ml New Arrivals 03/06/2019 £15.40 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS108
No Scale Modern Australian Army AFV paint set Paint, Acrylic 17ml New Arrivals 18/07/2019 £15.40 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS109
No Scale Ukrainian Air Force paint set vol. 2 (Grey Pixel) Paint, Acrylic 17ml New Arrivals 18/07/2019 £20.60 - In Stock
ADH Publishing MIM097
No Scale Military Illustrated Modeller (issue 97) May '19 (Aircraft Edition) 4 NEWS What’s happening in modelling and aviation 6 REFERENCE Lancaster Cockpit Close-Up by Brett Green 10 PREVIEW Dora Wings 1:48 Percival P.10 Vega Gull and Percival Proctor Mk.III 12 BRAND NEW HEAVIES Part Two Hong Kong Models’ 1:32 Lancaster B.Mk.I by James Hatch 22 PREVIEW Kinetic 1:48 F/A-18D ATARS COVER STORY 24 SMALL SCALE GUSTAV Tamiya... Magazines New Arrivals 23/04/2019 £6.75 - In Stock
ADH Publishing MIM098
No Scale 4 NEWS Military modelling news 8 SITTIN’ ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY Creating a 1:35 dockside diorama for the Italian Navy MTSMA Attack boat 18 ORDNANCE DEPOT New and recent accessory sets and modelling materials 20 REGIO ESERCITO LANCIA 3RO The construction, detailing and painting of IBG’s new 1:35 lancia 3Ro truck COVER STORY 28 VIVE LA FRANCE! You threw away half of Accurate Armour’s 1:35 M1A1 Ward LaFrance Heavy Wreck... Magazines New Arrivals 24/05/2019 £6.75 - In Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMP4127
No Scale Chieftain - Britain's Flawed Masterpiece - Richard Kent (Green Series) Military vehicle books New Arrivals 14/06/2019 £29.00 - In Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMP6143
No Scale North American Aviation P-51B/C & F-6C Mustang (Yellow Series) - Robert Pęczkowski Aircraft books New Arrivals 19/07/2019 £25.00 - In Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMP8402
No Scale Imperial Japanese Navy Aircraft Instrument Panels - Hisato Nakada This book - the fifth in a new series called INSIDE - features detailed colour illustrations of the instrument panels from the most famous Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft in great detail. The book illustrates and documents the instrument panels of the following WWII Japanese aircraft: Mitsubishi A5M4 Type 96; Mitsubishi A6M2a & A6M3; Mitsubishi A6M5 & A6M5c; ... Aircraft books New Arrivals 28/06/2019 £15.00 - In Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMP9138
No Scale The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress in Foreign Service .White Series - Jan Forsgren Military vehicle books New Arrivals 31/05/2019 £20.00 - In Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMPCAM07
No Scale HOTCHKISS H35 & H39. THROUGH A GERMAN LENS Authors Alan Ranger Format A4, 72 pages This new photo-album in the ""Camera On"" series contains over 90 photographs of the French cavalry tank developed prior to WWII. The Hotchkiss H35 or Char leger modele 1935 H was a slow but well-armoured light infantry support tank but was rejected by the infantry and instead adopted by the cavalry. From 1938 an improved version was pro... Military vehicle books New Arrivals 16/05/2019 £14.00 - In Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMPCAM08
No Scale Sd.Kfz.10/4 & Sd.Kfz.10/5 SELBSTFAHRLAFETTE Military vehicle books New Arrivals 16/05/2019 £15.00 - In Stock