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Airdoc ADJP007
1:72 Air Fouga/Flugzeug-Union-Sud CM 170R Magister In German Services 1957 to 1969 by Gerhard Lang Sized A-4, softcover, bilingual German and English text and captions, 64 pages, about 150 colour and b/w images, over 15 color profiles and 1/72 scale drawings Aircraft books Catalogue £14.60 - In Stock
Airdoc ADM72009
1:72 Junkers Ju-88A Part 1. (13) S4+AH 1/KuFl.GR 506 Germany 1942; S4+AL 3/KuFl506 Russia; F6+cN 5(F)uffkl.Gr122 Russia; F6+AL 3(F)/AufklGr 122 Russia 1942; A6+CH FAGr 120 Norway 1942; 4U+BH 1.(F)/Aufkl.Gr 123 France 1940; 7A+KH 1.(F)/Aufkl.Gr121 Africa 1942; 4N+FK 2.(F)/Aufkl.Gr 22 Russia; 4N+VL 3.*F)Aufkl.Gr22 Russia; 4N+DK 2(F)Aufkl.Gr22 Russia; 4U+VK 2.(F)/Aufkl.Gr 123 Italy 1944; 4U+MK 2.(F)/Aufkl.Gr 122 Italy 1944 Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £10.99 - In Stock
Airdoc ADM72010
1:72 Junkers Ju-88A Part 2 (15) V4+AD Stab III/KG1 Russia; V4+HU/17 10/KG1 Russia; 5K+GN 5/KG 3 France 1940; 5K+AA CO KG 3 Russia 1942; 5K+BP 6/KG3; GK+KK 2/KG3; 5K+WT 9/KG3 Blitz Russia 1942/3; 4D+AB Stab 1/KG30 Norway; A6+HH 1/KG30 Maj Werner Baumbach with ship kill markings on fin Norway; 4D+MN 5/KG30 Norway 1941; 4D+CH 1/KG30; 4D+DC Stab II/KG30 both Holland 1940; 1T+BS Stab III/KG26 Italy 1943; 1H+KT 9/KG26; 1H+VH 1/KG26 both ... Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £10.99 - In Stock
Airdoc ADM72011
1:72 Junkers Ju-88A Part 3. (15) L1+ER 7/LG1 France 1940; L1+BB Stab 1/LG1; L1+MN 5/LG1 both Yugoslavia 1940/41; L1+KP 6/LG 1 Italy 1942; L1+JL 3/LG1; L1+DK 2/LG1 Both North Africa 1942; Q1+JC NAG 1 Rumania 1944; CT+ZY/24 Denmark; 9K+AL 3/KG51 France 1940; 9K+HP 6/KG51; 9K+DS 6/KG51 Edelweissgeschwader Russia; B3+PM 4/KG52 Sardinia 1942; B3+BB Stab 1/KG54 Italy; B3+HP 6/KG54 Sardinia; B3+LR 7/KG54 Italy; B3+MH 1/KG54 Switzerland `T... Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £10.99 - In Stock
Airdoc ADM72012
1:72 Junkers Ju-88A Part 4. (12) No 8 Staffel III/KG76 France 1940; F1+AS 8/KG76 8/KG76 Russia; F1+GM 4/KG76 France 1941; F1+BR 7/KG76 Sicily 1943; F1+IT 9/KG76 Russia; F1+DP 6/KG76 Russia; PN+MT MG77 Italy; 3Z+CH 1/KG77 France 1940; 3Z+AB Stab 1/KG77 Russia; 3Z+FK 2/KG77 France 1941; 3Z+H III/KG77 Italy 1943; 3Z+EH 1/KG77 Italy Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £10.99 - In Stock
Airdoc ADM72013
1:72 Vought A-7E Corsair II Atlantic Fleet Low Visibility (6) 160869 AE/403 VA-105 Gunslingers NAS Fallon 1985; 159285 AC/405 VA-72 Blue Hawks USS JFK Desert Storm; 158835 AG/414 VA-12 Clinchers USS Dwight D. Eisenhower; 157485 AE/312 VA-37 Bulls USS Forrestal; 157451 AG/301 VA-66 Waldomen USS Dwight D. Eisenhower; 157566AE/414 VA-87 Golden Warriors USS Independence Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £10.99 Out of Stock
Airdoc ADM72014
1:72 Vought A-7E Corsair II Pacific Fleet Low Visibility (7) 157615 NE/407 VA-147 Argonauts USS Kitty Hawk 1983; 158011 NG/307 VA-192 Golden Dragons USS Ranger 1983; 157523 NE/402 VA-195 Dambusters NAF Atsugi 1983; 159833 NH/301 VA-22 Fighting Redcocks USS Enterprise; 158281 NL/411 VA-27 Royal Maces USS Carl Vinson; 160544 NF/302 VA-93Ravens USS Midway shark mouth; 158021 NK/306 VA-97 Warhawks USS Carl Vinson Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £10.99 Out of Stock
Airdoc ADM72015
1:72 Vought A-7B Corsair (3) 154454 NM/410 VA-25 USS Oriskany 1974; 154381 NM/400 VA-215 CGA USS Oriskany 1974; 154463 AE/412 VA-215 USS Thoedore Roosevelt 1977 Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £10.99 - In Stock
Airdoc ADS173002
1:72 stencils for the McDonnell F-4F Phantom in Norm 72 camouflage Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £7.30 Out of Stock
Airdoc ADS173003
1:72 stencils for the McDonnell RF-4E Phantom in Norm 72 camo Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £7.30 - In Stock