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Azur AZUR10272
1:72 PZL P.24A / P-24C Turkish Air Force. PZL P.24 fighter was a great export success of Polish national company PZL P. Prior the 2nd World War PZL Co. succeeded in exporting these all metal high wing monoplane (sometimes called Pulawski or gull wing) aircraft to several air forces. Both Romania and Turkey also license produced PZL P.24s. Compared to Polish Air Force standard PZL P.11 machines, modern PZL P.24 featured higher perfo... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £15.80 - In Stock
Azur AZUR11272
1:72 PZL P.11c "First Shots" Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £15.80 - In Stock
Azur AZUR11372
1:72 Vought V-156F Vindicator in Aeronavale Service' U.S. Navy realized that the biplanes era is over in the 1930s. That time phenomenon, the cantilever monoplane with retractable undercarriage offered much higher performances compared to the conventional biplanes. This convinced the officials to issue new SB category (Scout Bomber) competition. The bomber role was in this case the dive bombing role. The competition winner was Voug... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £17.99 - In Stock
Azur AZUR11472
1:72 Morane-Saulnier MS.406C1 "Red & Yellow Stripes" WAS £15.80. TEMPORARILY SAVE MORE THAN 1/3RD!!!This was the most widespread French fighter from the Battle of France. It was designed in 1936 but due to the delays the first machines were delivered to Arm"e de l' Air not before 1938. The biggest combat deployment came with the Battle of France, but even after the Armistice was signed MS 406s flew and fought on. Defeated France wi... Aircraft kits (injection) Special Offers £9.99 - In Stock
Azur AZUR11572
1:72 PZL P.11c "Foreign Service" WAS £15.80. TEMPORARILY SAVE 1/3RD!!! Aircraft kits (injection) Special Offers £10.53 - In Stock
Azur AZUR1172
1:72 NEARLY GOOD AS NEW!!! Hanriot H-232 Aircraft kits (injection) Second Hand £17.98 - In Stock
Azur AZUR11772
1:72 de Havilland Vampire FB.5 'Armee de l'Air & Aeronavale' Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £13.50 - In Stock
Azur AZUR2872
1:72 Dassault MD-312 Flamant For a long time after WWII, the two-engined Flamant was a very common sight in the skies over France. Many pilots, navigators and gunners were trained on this aircraft. The kit contains 3 sprues with grey plastic parts, injected canopies, resin and photo-etched parts Decals included are for French Army School aircraft, French Navy aircraft and South Vietnamese Air Force with two different looks of the n... Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £24.80 - In Stock
Azur AZUR3972
1:72 Vultee V-11 Attack Bomber Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £17.99 - In Stock
Azur AZUR4472
1:72 Polikarpov I-15 Spanish Civil War Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £12.40 - In Stock
Azur AZUR5372
1:72 Breguet Br.693A-2 WAS £19.99. TEMPORARILY SAVE 1/3RD!!! On May 12, 1940 the advancing Wehrmacht forces were attacked by brand new ground attack Breguet Br. 693A.2 aircraft from GBA I/54 and II/54. The first attack on enemy with heavy anti aircraft defense caused heavy losses on the French side. Also GBA I/51 and II/51 units participated in May fights. French attack aviators were eager and brave since they attacked enemy merely... Aircraft kits (injection) Special Offers £13.33 - In Stock
Azur AZUR5472
1:72 Breguet Br.695AB.2 French ground attackers Breguet Br.693A.2 proved their battle worthiness in every aspect. But in the moment the new machines entered service with combat units it was obvious that it would be appropriate to use stronger and more reliable engines. The new version Breguet Br.695AB.2 was powered by U.S. provenience R-1533 radial engines. With these engines the aircraft reached the required performances. Only 10 ... Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £19.99 - In Stock
Azur AZUR6572
1:72 Re-released! Caproni Ca.310 in Peru 'Ecuadorian-Peruvian War' Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals £17.99 - In Stock
Azur AZUR6772
1:72 Martin Baltimore Mk.V 1/17 Picardie. Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £24.80 - In Stock
Azur AZUR8772
1:72 Dassault MD-311 Flamant Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £24.80 - In Stock