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Frrom-Azur FR0028
1:72 NEARLY GOOD AS NEW!!! Breguet 1050 Alize 1G France Nr72 of Flottille 4F, Lann-Bihoua BAN (1966/1970) Nr16 of Flottille 9F, aboard Foch carrier, French Polynesia, May to September 1966 Nr2 coded I, squadron 10S (CEPA), St-Raphaal, 1959/1960 With an extra sprue for weapons (2 AS.12 wire-guided missiles, 6 HVAR, 2 Matra F2 missiles) History: The Breguet 1050 Alize carrier-based Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) aircraft was de... Aircraft kits (injection) Second Hand £29.98 - In Stock
Frrom-Azur FR8001
1:32 NEARLY GOOD AS NEW!!! IAR IAR-81C Rumanian fighter Limited availability. No more when sold. - 323 Mircea Dumitrescu, June 1944 - 323 Dumitru Baciu, January 1944 - 369 Nicolae Limburg, June 1944 - 448, April 1945 with roundel - 446, Gheorghe Grecu, July 1944 History: During the early 1930's the Rumanian Air Force adopted the Polish PZL P.11 and similar P.24, both being considered modern designs at the time. These PZL ... Aircraft kits (injection) Second Hand £46.80 - In Stock