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Xtradecal X48046
1:48 Gloster Meteor F.4 and Gloster Meteor T.7 (11) F Mk.4 (4) RA444 A6-B 257 Sqn; VT133 4D-J 74 Sqn both Horsham St Faiths late 1940s; VW261 609 Sqn R Aux Air Force Church Fenton 1951; VZ417/A 63 Sqn RAF Waterbeach; T Mk.7 (7) VW439/R 607 Sqn Royal Aux.AF RAF Ouston mid 1950s; WA718X 611 Sqn Royal Aux.AF RAF Woodvale mid 1950s; WH224/Z 500 Sqn Royal Aux.AF West Malling mid 1950s; WS116/935 Station Flight RNAS Lossiemouth. All over... Aircraft decals (military) Special Offers £3.50 - In Stock
Xtradecal X48121
1:48 BAe Jet Provost T.5 Pt 1 WAS £7.99. TEMPORARILY SAVE 1/3RD!!! (11) XW290 in three slightly different schemes with the "Red Pelicans" Display Team at the CFS Little Rissington from 1970, 1972, 1973 and 3 FTS RAF College Cranwell 1988; XW370/49 The Swords Display Team 3 FTS RAF Leeming 1974; XW370/72 1 FTS RAF Linto-on-Ouse 1980s; XW322/1 RAF College Cranwell 1971 used by HRH Prince of Wales for his flying training; XW322/43 RAF... Aircraft decals (military) Special Offers £5.33 - In Stock
Xtradecal X48122
1:48 BAe Jet Provost T.5 Part 2 (8) WAS £7.99. TEMPORARILY SAVE MORE THAN 1/3RD!!! XW375 in four slightly different schemes with the 'Poachers' Display Team at RAF College Cranwell from 1971 1976; XW295 N 1 FTS RAF Linton-on-Ouse 1985 flown by Flt.Lt. D. J. Whittington winner of the Wright Jubilee Trophy and as modified in Sept 1985 with the addition of Linton-on-Ouse badges. XW320 also in same schemes. XW306/Y flown by Flt.Lt M.D.... Aircraft decals (military) Special Offers £4.99 - In Stock