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Future Releases

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Avalon AVD4010
1:48 Early Supermarine Spitfires (6 camouflage schemes) 1. Spitfire Mk.I, K9987, RB-V, No.66 Sq., Duxford, November 1938 2. Spitfire Mk.I, K9938, SD-H, No.72 Sq., Church Fenton, August 1939 3. Spitfire Mk.I, N3277, AZ-H, No.234 Sq., Leconfield, May 1940 4. Spitfire Mk.I, K9911, YT-E, No.68 Sq., Hornchurch, February 1940 5. Spitfire Mk.I, P9444, RN-A, No.72 Sq., Acklington, May 1940 6. Spitfire Mk.I, K9811, WZ-S, No.19 Sq., ... Aircraft decals (military) Future Releases £10.20 Out of Stock
Avalon AVD7022
1:72 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X in IAF service 1. Beaufighter Mk.X, RD135/Daled 170, Israeli Air Force 2. Beaufighter Mk.X, RD448/Daled 171, Israeli Air Force 3. Beaufighter Mk.X, RD427/Daled 172, Israeli Air Force 4. Beaufighter Mk.X, LZ185/Daled 173, Israeli Air Force 5. Beaufighter Mk.X, RD135 (later Daled 170), G-AJMB Aircraft decals (military) Future Releases £10.20 Out of Stock
Avalon AVD7023
1:72 Gloster Gladiator Mk.I/II 1. Gladiator Mk.I, RN-S, No.72 Sq., RAF, September 1938 2. Gladiator Mk.II, N2288, GO-A, No.94 Sq., RAF, June 1940 3. Gladiator Mk.II, N2309, B, No.1401(Met) Flt., RAF, 1942 4. Gladiator Mk.II, 1339/Pinky, No.3 Sq., SAAF, 1941 5. Gladiator Mk.I, K7960, P, No.3 Sq., RAF, August 1938 6. Gladiator Mk.II, KW-L, No.615 Sq., RAF, early 1940 Aircraft decals (military) Future Releases £10.20 Out of Stock
Avalon AVD7024
1:72 Douglas Skyraider in FAA service 1. Skyraider AEW.1, WT944/301-CW, No.778 NAS, FAA, RNAS Culdrose, January 1952 2. Skyraider AEW.1, WV178/242-Z-C, No.849 NAS, FAA, HMS Albion, November 1956 3. Skyraider AEW.1, WV183/419-R, No.849 NAS, FAA, HMS Ark Royal, 1958 4. Skyraider AEW.1, WV179/432-V, No.849 NAS, FAA, HMS Victorious, 1959 5. Skyraider AEW.1, WT949/308-J, No.849 NAS, FAA, HMS Eagle, March/April 1953 Aircraft decals (military) Future Releases £10.20 Out of Stock
Avalon AVD7025
1:72 German lozenge set - 5 colour, topside and underside patterns, incl. rib tapes (2 sheets) Aircraft decals (military) Future Releases £11.99 Out of Stock