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Hannants News: 12/01/19

Now in stock! Hong Kong Models HKM01E06 1:32 Avro Lancaster B Mk.I

2019 new Airfix kits in Future Releases!

In stock

AX09185 1:48 Hawker Hunter F.6  

AX04062 1:72 Messerschmitt Me-262B-1a

AX06017 1:72 McDonnell-Douglas FGR.2

AX06018 1:72 North-American Mitchell Mk.II

Eduard December releases now in New Arrivals!

2019 ICM new releases all now in Future Releases!

All discontinued ICM now in Limited Availability. No more when our stock has sold!

More arriving soon! Tamiya TA61119 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire NEW TOOLING Get it on Backorder!

Now in stock! Hobbyboss HB83211 1:32 B:24J Liberator

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Top Selling New Items for Last 7 Days

  1. AH70020: Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Junior Set. Features "metal wing", extensive cockpit and wheel bay interior as well as tropical filter. This version is correct for the Battle of Britain 1940 and early African Campaign 1940-41.
  2. AX06017: McDonnell-Douglas FGR.2 Phantom Schemes: 1) XV466 D, No1435 FLT, RAF Mount Pleasant November 1991 2) FGR.2 XV469 H 2 Squadron June 1976 3) FGR.2 Phantom XV408 92 Squadron RAF Germany As the Royal Air Force were looking to update their strike and close air support capabilities in the 1950s and 60s, they were initially expecting indigenous British designs to fulfil both of these roles, but spiralling development costs and government intervention saw them forced to look overseas for their new aircraft. As one of the world’s most successful multi-role jet aircraft, the McDonnell-Douglas Phantom was selected for both the Royal Navy and the RAF and even though it was procured at a time of great uncertainty for the British aviation industry, it proved to be both a capable and popular aircraft in UK service.
  3. STR18572: Foot Arab Rebels (Rif War)
  4. STR18772: French Foreign Legion (WWII)
  5. STR18672: French Foreign Legion Rif War (Rif War)
  6. STR17772: British 15pr 7cwt BL Gun (Anglo-Boer War)
  7. AX09185: Hawker Hunter F.6 New Tool
  8. STRA014: Cresout Long Tom 155 mm with Boer Crew (Anglo-Boer War)
  9. STR17672: Japanese Type 38 75mm Field Gun WWII
  10. STR18272: 30 pdr Parrott Rifle with US crew (ACW/American Civil War)
  11. STR18372: Whitworth Rifle with Confederate Crew (ACM/American Civil War)
  12. AX06018: North-American Mitchell Mk.II Scheme 1: FL212 EV-W ‘Nulli Secundus’ 180 Squadron RAF Dunsfold 1943 Scheme 2: FV923 SM-E Lasham 1943 In Royal Air Force service, the capable North American B-25C/D Mitchell tactical medium bomber was designated the Mitchell II, with the RAF being the only force to operate the type of raids into occupied Europe from bases in Britain. In the weeks following the D-Day landings, RAF Mitchells were sent to operate from advanced airfields in France, to provide support for advancing Allied ground units.
  13. AX04062: Messerschmitt Me-262B-1a Scheme 1: 10./NJG 11, W.Nr 111980, Red 12 + RAF Version Scheme 2: Avia CS-92 Czech AF As the first operational jet fighter in the world, initial Messerschmitt Me-262s combat operations were flown by single seat aircraft, piloted by some of the Luftwaffe’s most experienced airmen. A two seat trainer version soon followed, which allowed new pilots to acquaint themselves with this advanced technology, without their conversion from piston power being their first solo jet flight.
  14. MA7270: BAe Jetstream T.1, T.2 & T3 (Royal Air Force & Royal Navy). Royal Navy: JETSTREAM T.2 & T.3 - 750NAS (red & blue trim) incl. '100 Years of Naval Aviation' scheme. Royal Air Force: JETSTREAM T.1 - 45 Squadron (red trim)
  15. SBS72046: Gloster Gladiator Mk.I/Mk.II rigging set (designed to be used with Airfix kits)
  16. RS48-0115: Hawker Hunter F.6 wheels set (designed to be used with Academy, Airfix, Italeri and Nichimo kits)
  17. STR17472: Prussian Infantry on the March (Napoleonic)
  18. STRM054: Russo-Turkish war 1877
  19. STR16872: Landwehr on the March (Napoleonic)
  20. STRM077: Spartacus Army