Can I choose what I want to receive on the weekly Hot News email?

You cannot change what you receive on the weekly Hot News email because it covers everything we receive. You can how ever create your own emails so it only sends you information that you are interested in.

To set these up first be sure you are registered and logged in and then go to the Advanced search. Select the options from the drop-down menus that you want to receive an email about and click on enter to search.

Then click on Create Search Notification which is on the right side and in the white just below the yellow header. You can select how often you want to receive it daily, weekly, monthly.

Then click on Create notification and its done. You can create as many as you want to for as many different searches as you want to. And it's in colour, with pictures and its free!

You can unsubscribe from the Hot News sheet if you do not want to receive it anymore BUT we will not be able to send you information about shows or anything else if you do.

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