Please explain the Backorder service?

This is how our Backorder system works....

Please do not use our Backorder service if this below is not what you want to happen!!!

If you already have an item on Backorder and ADD the same item to your cart it will cancel the Backorder and let you add it to your cart. Any advance order discount will be retained. This will not happen if a Paypal invoice has already been sent out.

The Backorders will be released as required depending on the deliveries we receive. The program is run most evenings to release the Paypal invoices and most mornings to release the card orders. We do this so there is time for you to move an item to the cart to add items to it if you want to.

The following text was last updated on January 7th 2015.

Please be aware that WE DO NOT contact you to ask you if you still want the items you have put on Backorder sent. OR if the postage charge is ok. WE JUST SEND THEM!

You need to manage your own orders if you want to add other items or you want to choose a different postage option.

Please read this information about our Backorder service at least once so you know how it all works! Otherwise we will have to install one of those annoying tick box/terms pages!

If no one is going to be at your delivery address to accept your parcel (eg you are away for a holiday or for work) you need to either change the delivery address or switch to Paypal or cancel the order and re-order later. We are unable to stop despatch while you are away because we do not have 'a do not despatch because I am away' option available to us.

Our Backorder service now works with PayPal. The advantage is that you do not have to register a payment card or keep the details up-to-date and if you do not want the order you just cancel it. You can switch between card and Paypal anytime you want to.

Our Backorder systems DOES NOT WORK with a Collect From Show delivery address's. This is because we have to POST orders to a bricks and mortar address and CHARGE at the same time OR send a Paypal invoice for the order at the same time as we release it.

Our Backorder systems DOES NOT WORK with Collect From Colindale delivery address's. Colindale is independantly owned so we cannot charge our customers for kits, post them to London and expect them to just pass them on.

You cannot use a Gift Voucher to pay towards Backorders. A Gift Voucher code can only be entered at checkout and Backorders are mass released not checked out one at a time. If you want to use a Gift Voucher please use Watching and then order when the item is delivered.

If you have items on Backorder and change your Delivery address 'country' to a 'Collect from' delivery address you need to change it back again as soon as you have ordered. We do not prevent Backorders with these delivery address's being placed because many of our customers change their delivery addess to Collect from and then change it back again after the show. Periodically, if there are no impending Shows, we will go thru and cancel any orders with a Collect from delivery address. This is so we can sell any reserved items to other customers. If any of the items had the 10% advance order discount this will be lost. It cannot be re-instated. The only way you can keep this is to MOVE that item into your cart before we cancel the order.

If your Delivery address is wrong and your parcel goes missing and does not get returned to us you will have lost it and the money you paid. More and more people are making mistakes in their own address's. More and more people are forgetting to change their delivery address when they move home. There is no insurance for orders sent to incorrect address's. We will not refund or send a replacement parcel because of customer errors in their delivery address. We will of course re-send any returned parcels but we will charge the postage charged again.

Items placed on Backorder are always reserved for you. HOWEVER if your card is declined for any reason we will not always continue to reserve it. Usually it will not make any difference because we have large stocks but if we need it for another customer who's card is not being declined we may send it to them instead and we will have to cancel your order to enable us to do that. You will be sent an email to tell you your card is being declined but if this is not acted on within a few days and the card made to work we MAY cancel the order.

It is essential to contact your Bank if your card is declined. We will send you an email to tell you that we have tried to send you a Backorder but the card was declined. We cannot tell you why it was declined because we are not told. That is private between you and your bank but usually it is just a security check that requires you to phone your card company and tell them it is ok. Often cards get declined if they get used in 2 different countries on the same day but you should ALWAYS check with your card issuer if your card is declined ANYWHERE. Not just at Hannants.

To be sure that you get your Backorders despatched promptly it is essential to update your card BEFORE it expires. We will send you an email 2 weeks before it expires to tell you it is about to expire. Expired cards WILL be declined by your Bank! We will make 5 attempts to charge an order but if it is still being declined the 5th time our system will automatically cancel EVERYTHING that is on Backorder. Not just the available items. Everything.

If you decide you do not want an item PLEASE login and cancel it as soon as you can so we do not spend our money on unwanted items or continue to reserve them for you.

If we do not release your Backorder within a few days (and it is above the minimum) that is usually because we know that another item, or items, you have on Backorder will arrive soon. So we will try to join orders and save you postage and maybe even get it above the post free rate.

You can login and release your own Backorders at anytime if you do not want to wait for us to do it.

Because of the problems with sending what are now termed 'Dangerous goods' EG enamel paint, liquid polystyrene etc we no longer want these to be placed on Backorder. They have to be despatched by ParcelForce which can be very expensive (minimum £6.50 in UK) and we do not feel we can make the decision to spend large amounts of our customers money on postage. We cannot prevent them being put on Backorder but from time to time we will go thru and cancel them if they are.

To overseas all Backorders are sent by Airmail. If you want your order sent by Surface (surface is being high-priced out of existance because they want to use air only and is not available to most countries anymore) you will need to manage your own orders and NOT put items on Backorder. We are also now seeing price rises that we think are to price regular airmail out in favour of airmail with tracking.

We have had a Backorder/Advance order service since 1986.

You are sent this email each time you put an item on Backorder. Please check the quantity is correct because more and more people have been double and even triple clicking items onto Backorder which places 2 or 3 on Backorder. We do not question you before we release a Backorder as many people DO want more than one.

Postage will always be charged on all Backorders that are below the normal post free amounts. Currently these are UK Decals/Etched £4.98. Other items £99.98. Overseas vary from country to country

Provided you are logged in, so it knows what country you are in, you can add items to your cart and it will show you the current minimums for your country. If no mimimum shows that means your order is already above the minimum. Any order over £20.00 is above all the minimums though we do vary the minimums from time to time.

Orders are subject to our usual minimum order values so will not be sent if they are below the minimums. For example putting 1 bottle of acrylic paint on Backorder is pointless as it will never be sent.

Our Backorder service is only for modellers who definitely want us to send them items that are not currently available as soon as possible. These are the items shown on our website with a 0 stock figure. We might not have these items because they are sold out or maybe they are Future Releases that have not been made yet.

In late 2012 we started to give a 10% advance order discount on selected items when they were put on Backorder. The advance discount opportunity always ends as soon as the item moves to New Arrivals and may be ended by us before that should we choose to do so. If you cancel your Backorder and then re-order the item after it has been delivered you lose the discount. It cannot be re-instated and we will not respond to requests to do so.

You can Backorder (we used to call them advance orders for Future Releases and Back orders for released items) any item we do not have in stock and we will send it to you as soon as possible. You cannot Backorder items that are actually in stock. If you want available items sent at the same time as Backorders you need to manage your orders yourself by using Watching, waiting for the email to say it is in stock, and then ordering.

YOU the customer are in control of your Backorders. You have to place the items on Backorder and you have to cancel the items if you change your mind and decide that you do not want them sent. Hannants staff will only place items on Backorder if specifically requested to do so by a customer who is ordering by telephone and does not have internet access. We do not like doing it and prefer that you place them online at the web site yourself. That way you are in full control and have emailed confirmations and paper trail.

If you want to pay using payment cards you will have to register and save your American Express, Visa or Mastercard details. All card information is securely stored my SagePay. If you select to store card details these unavailable items will go to Backorder and be despatched as soon as possible. If you choose not to store your card details the items will dissappear from your cart and will need to be re-ordered when they are available.

Putting unavailable items in your cart or on Watching IS NOT the same as putting them on Backorder. When they are in the cart they are just on YOUR computer. YOU then have to confirm you want them put on Backorder by clicking the button called (Add to Backorder and Watching list). This then transfers them to Backorder on our system.

If you want to send an order and have AVAILABLE Backorders you will not be able to send the order until you have chosen either to put them in your cart to order them OR cancelled them.

If you want to send an order and have UNAVAILABLE items in your cart you will not be able to send the order until you have chosen to either put them on Backorder and Watching, Watching only, or cancelled them.

Please regularly review your Backorders so you know what to expect us to deliver. They will be there forever, OR until they are sent OR until you cancel them. We will send you an email once a month to remind you what you have on Backorder.

Items you put on Backorder are treated as firm, definite orders. If you are not sure that you will want an item it is better to put it on Watching and then decide when you receive our email to say it has been delivered.

We can run the Backorder program either automatically with a couple of mouse clicks or manually by staff. If it is being done by staff they may know that other items you have on order will be arriving soon and may delay despatch of the available items to try and save you postage. This does not happen if the program is run automatically. Humans still have the advantage in some things.

If you want available Backorder items that we have not yet released* you can always cancel the Backorder and then add them to your order and then send the order as normal. If you opt to do this please remember to cancel them from Backorder before sending a new order. We do not check so if you do not cancel you may get your order duplicated. Maybe in the same post or maybe in a few hours, days or weeks. You are in charge. * Usually this happens because the total for the available items is below the minimum or maybe we have just not run the program yet. It is always best to MOVE them from Backorder to your cart rather than add new items. This can easily be done in your Backorder list.

We will often reduce the minimum to enable us to send and completely clear your Backorders. We will usually only do this if it means we can send all remaining items from Backorder at the same time. Please expect us to send ALL items you have on Backorder even if they are below the minimum. Please cancel any items that you do not want sent. You are in charge. By leaving them on Backorder you are telling us that you definitely want the item no matter what the cost. There is a minimum postage charge which is irrelevant of the cost of the goods we are sending. It is not a % of the value of the goods in the parcel.

Unless the total of available items is above our post free minimum we will always charge postage. Postage is not known until the goods are in stock, because it depends on the weight, and the Backorder has been released. If you want to know the postage cost before your order is sent please DO NOT put anything on Backorder. Our Backorder service is not for you! Instead put it on Watching and then add the items to your cart when they are delivered and then look at the cart to see the cost.

Until an item is delivered we do not know the weight or size and until we know the weight and size the computer cannot calculate the postage cost. You can put something similar that is available in your cart to get an idea.

Backorders to MOST overseas address's are sent by normal, UNREGISTERED, UNTRACKABLE airmail. Some countries we only send to using registered service which can be expensive. If you want your orders sent by surface (where available) please use the Watching system and then order.

When you select ANY item you want to buy it goes in the cart. Items that we do not have in stock will be shown separately in the upper cart ABOVE any items that we do have available which are shown in the lower cart. You can add unavailable items to Backorder just by putting them in the shopping cart and confirming that you want them.

Items going to Backorder do not get shown on any order that you send to us. This is because we already know we do not have them so we do not want them on picking notes with baffled staff searching the warehouse trying to find them. You can always check what you have on Backorder at the website. Your Accounts> View Back Order List.

We do not check to see if you have ordered an item that is on Backorder. To avoid any duplication please remember to cancel items that you have on Backorder BEFORE you order them any other way. Please also check that we have not already despatched them BEFORE you order them by any other method.

Hannants will not usually cancel any Backorders. Unless the item becomes Finished or your order will always be to far below the minimum to send then or you have a Collect from delivery address which never changes. From time to time we will go through the Backorders and cancel them. If this happens you will be sent an email to tell you.

If an item becomes Finished it will be shown as Finished in Your Account> View Back Order List. We will periodically go through and remove them from Backorders. This will be shown in your Backorder list. If this happens you will be sent an email.

If we are unsure if we will get an item again it will be shown as Temp Unavailable in Your Account> View Back Order List. This stops other customers ordering the item and ensures that if we do get some you will get priority.

If we have items available but the order is below the minimum you will be sent an email to tell you that we have items for you. If they are not shown on the email you can log in to the website to check and see what they are. Please log on and go to Your Account> View Back Order List. The item will be there with a shopping cart next to it which you can click on to remove from Backorder and place in your cart and then order with other items.

If all your Backorders will never be above the minimum order level we recommend you remove them all. This will stop you receiving emails every time we run the Backorder program and release the saved item so other customers can buy it.

Instead of putting items on Backorder you could use the Watching system. Just register, login and then you can add any items that we do not have in stock. You will get an email to tell you it is in stock and you can then place your order.

We may delay sending available items if we are aware other items you have on order will be delivered soon. The more items we can get into one parcel the better it is for you and us. It costs us both less. If the cost of postage is an issue you may be better using the Watching system and controlling your own orders.

Any Backorder that is in stock will show with a shopping cart in your Backorder list. You can click this to your cart which will take it out of Backorders so we will not release it as a Backorder.

All orders are charged online as soon as they are released. The system calculates the cost of goods and postage and then charges the total to your card. Therefore charged Backorders cannot be joined to other orders and other items cannot be joined to charged Backorders. The only way to join orders is for you to, quickly, cancel the Backorder and then re-order it with the other goods you want to buy. A new order needs to be made if you forget to order something. If you order regularly it may be better not to have items on Backorder. Doing this may lose the 10% discount that was given for advance ordering.

Backorders are usually despatched very quickly so we may not be able to find and cancel orders that have been charged. Instructions on how to cancel are on the order confirmation you are sent. You just login and click on the order and click on the cancel button.

Please be sure that you do still want the items and the quantities you have on Backorder. We urge you to check the email we send on the first of every month or regularly check what you have on Backorder and keep them up-to-date.

Orders that have already been despatched cannot be cancelled!

Customers can return unwanted orders, at their expense, for refund of the goods BUT NOT the postage. That has been spent getting the parcel to you and we cannot get it back so we cannot give it back to you. Goods must be received in the same good condition as we despatched them in.

The minimums are currently less than they were in 1994 when they were first introduced. In 1994 we were the only firm to have a minimum and now we are the only firm from that era that is still in business. We realise a lot of people do not like them and do not think we should have them but they are here to stay. Break-even is about £14.00 so we still lose money on many, many orders because we have to pay staff more in wages than we make on the items.

This information has been compiled over a period of time with answers to the questions we have been asked so there may be some duplication of information.

If you have a question you cannot find the answer to please send us an email and we will reply as soon as we can and add it to this list.

VERY IMPORTANT. Many kits can cost more in postage to send than they actually cost you for the kit. This happens especially with large Airfix and Revell kits that go by Parcelforce to an overseas address, because they over 2kg or to big for Royal Mail to accept. They are big and heavy but cheap compared with other manufacturers. Our Post Office and Parcelforce charge according to the weight and the volume of the parcel. They have no interest or knowledge of the contents and they price according to the volume and the weight of the parcel. Until the kit is delivered we do not know the size or the weight. So until it is delivered and we enter the weight and sizes neither the web site nor the staff can tell you the cost to send it. You can get an idea by putting a similar kit in your cart and checking the cost. Please! DO NOT advance order if you are not happy to pay the postage cost. We have to pay for the kits that you put on Backorder even when you cancel them. You will get priority and have them sent before anyone else. We charge the postage it costs us to send. A lot of people seem to think we just dream up a price but we do not. What you pay is what we pay. The cheaper the postage cost the more we sell so we will never charge more than it costs because it means we sell less. We get a large discount from our Royal Mail AND Parcelforce and we pass that on in lower postage costs. For example we get a 45% discount on parcels going to USA which we pass on as a discounted postage rate. If you get a lower postage cost from another model seller it does not mean that we are ripping you off. More likely it means that their website is making a mistake and charging you tan estimated amount. Many Royal Mail counter staff do not seem to be aware that there is a size limit (introduced about 2004) and if the parcel exceeds that it should be sent by Parcelforce instead. Parcelforce tend to charge twice as much. (Apologies to any Royal Mail counter staff who may be reading this)

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