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    ADH Publishing ADH065
    No ScaleHow To Build The Leopard MBT Family In 1:35 A comprehensive guide to modelling this famous vehicle in its many forms. From battle tanks to recovery vehicles, homeland protectors, to battle-hardened veterans, you'll find much to enjoy and inspire within the pages of this exciting new book. Along with the work of the author, you will also find guest features from Brett Green, Marcel Jussen and John Murphy, who's combined talen...Military vehicle books (on modelling)Catalogue£12.950
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    ADH Publishing ADH072
    No ScaleHow to Build Tamiya's Armour. Though the modelling world is awash with an incredible variety of military vehicle kits from a huge number of different companies, one stands head and shoulders above the others in terms of originality, buildability and fun. That company is Tamiya, who have consistently provided the budding enthusiast with some of the finest kits available in the scale of 1:35. This new book brings together fiv...Military vehicle books (on modelling)Catalogue£12.953
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    ADH Publishing ADH163
    No ScaleHow to Build... Revised Edition!! Tamiya's Steel Wheeled Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I by Angus Creighton[ADH code ADH001]Military vehicle books (on modelling)Catalogue£11.956
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    ADH Publishing ADH166
    No ScaleFirefly Collection No 10 Panther and Jagdpanther Units in the East Bagration to Berlin Vol. 1 In the battles to hold the Eastern Front, the Panther tank was perhaps the most important weapon in the Wehrmacht's arsenal. Desperately switched from one crisis-point to the next, the Panther battalions of the Heer, Waffen-SS and the Luftwaffe were able to blunt the Red Army's spearheads time and again and in 1944 the Panther's body...Military vehicle books (on modelling)Catalogue£14.992
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    ADH Publishing ADHFC01
    No ScaleFirefly Collection No.1 Viking Summer 5.SS-Panzer-Division in Poland 1944 by Dennie Oliver. [ADH code ADH027]Military vehicle books (on modelling)Catalogue£14.993
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    ADH Publishing ADHFC02
    No ScaleFirefly Collection No.2 Sturmgeschutz/StuG . Assault Gun Units In The East. Bagration To Berlin. Vol 1. Written and illustrated by Dennis Oliver[ADH code ADH028]Military vehicle books (on modelling)Catalogue£14.996
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    ADH Publishing ADHFC04
    No ScaleFirefly Collection No 4 A Sound Like Thunder: Mortain and Falaise, August 1944 13 pages of full colour artwork depicting over 40 different vehicles including armoured cars, half-tracks, assault guns, Pz.Kpfw.IV, Panther and Tiger tanks - Black and white archive photographs, many never before reproduced - Campaign maps and histories of the units involved - Detailed tables showing vehicle types and allocations, and more[ADH...Military vehicle books (on modelling)Catalogue£14.994
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    ADH Publishing ADHFC06
    No ScaleFirefly Collection No 6 - To The Last Bullet: Germany's War On 3 Fronts. Part 2 Italy[ADH code ADH059]Military vehicle books (on modelling)Catalogue£14.996
  • ADH Publishing ADHFC07
    No ScaleFirefly Collection No.7 Sturmgeschutz/StuG . Assault Gun Units In The East. Bagration To Berlin. Vol 2. Written and illustrated by Dennis OliverMilitary vehicle books (on modelling)Catalogue£14.993
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    ADH Publishing ADHFC08
    No ScaleFirefly Collection No 8 Soldaten The German Soldier in World War 2Military vehicle books (on modelling)Catalogue£14.992