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  • Code Scale Description Type Department Price Stock
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    AMT AMT1107
    1:251989 Batmobile With Resin Batman FigureFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£39.991
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    AMT AMT1125
    1:3200Star Trek Romulan Warbird 2TFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£39.990
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    AMT AMT1126
    1:2500Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise-D - Snap 2TFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£39.990
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    AMT AMT1257
    1:1000Star Trek U.S.S. Excelsior NX-2000Film, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£56.990
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    AMT AMT1270
    1:32Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise BridgeFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedFuture Releases£42.990
  • AMT AMT1290
    1:32Batman Forever BatwingFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedFuture Releases£49.990
  • AMT AMT1299
    1:48Star Wars TIE FighterFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedFuture Releases£46.990
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    AMT AMT853
    1:1400U.S.S.Enterprise 1701EFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£59.990
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    AMT AMT954
    1:2500Star Trek - USS Enterprise Box Set. Includes seven complete kits with display bases All-new 1:2500 scale NX-01 Enterprise Injected in colour Extensive pressure sensitive decals eliminate the need for waterFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedLimited Availability£119.992
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    AMT MKA014
    See TextEagle Transporter Deluxe Accessory Set for MPC825 1:2 Scale model of the Original Studio Model. Solid aluminum parts 4 Landing gear oleo struts and 12 replacement engine bells. This kit will be available separately as an upgrade to enhance the Space 1999 Eagle Transporter.Film, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£199.990
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    AMT MKA015
    1:350Star Trek - TOS USS Enterprise Smooth Saucer By popular demand! This smooth saucer accessory offers the opportunity to model the STAR TREK U.S.S. Enterprise in 1:350 scale as it should be - with no engraved grid lines. The lines featured on the original 11-foot filming miniature used in the production of the show were applied in pencil. A paper template is included to assist the modeler in applying his own grid lines as wel...Film, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£54.990
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    AMT MKA018
    1:350Star Trek Pilot Parts Pack - TOS USS EnterpriseFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£44.990
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    AMT MKA038
    1:72Space 1999 Eagle Metal Engine Bell Set (For use with MPC913)Film, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£159.991
  • AMT MKA041
    UnknownStar Trek Discovery U.S.S. Enterprise Light KitFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedFuture Releases£132.990