Maketar - Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)

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    Maketar MM48127
    1:48Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1 (designed to be used with the Tamiya 61119 kits)Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)Catalogue£9.996
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    Maketar MM48128
    1:48RAF Avro Lancaster B.I/III - Roundels and Fin Flashes (designed to be used with Airfix and Hasegawa kits)Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)Catalogue£14.994
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    Maketar MMS012
    1:24,1:32,1:48,1:72,1:144,1:200Back in stock! EVERY MODELLER SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE SETS! 780 Masking Circles 1.75mm 2.25mm 2.75mm 3.25mm 3.75mm 4.25mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm 3.5mm 4.0mmAircraft paint masks (self adhesive)New Arrivals£15.9924
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    Maketar MMS014
    1:24,1:32,1:35,1:48,1:72,1:144,1:200Back in stock! CANOPY SURVIVAL KIT EVERY MODELLER SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE SETS! - ULTIMATE CANOPY MASKING SET 1000 masking shapes/elements! Yellow Kabuki tape Squares, squares with beveled corners, different types of triangles, different widths of stripes, curved stripes, circles, spirals, concentric circles, ovals, triangles, squares and more! All you need to mask any canopy in any scale! Enough to mask 100as of canopies!Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)New Arrivals£15.9991
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    Maketar MMS016
    1:24,1:32,1:35,1:48,1:72,1:144,1:200Back in stock! 1000 masking elements! - EVERY MODELLER SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE SETS! - Concentric circle 1mm strips, spiral 1mm strips, elliptic spiral strips, different curvature parabolic strips, circles, squares, concentric ovals & beveled squaresa All you need to mask any type of cone, elliptical, parabolic, nose conea in any scale! For masking of: A/C nose cones, bombs, rockets, tanks, projectiles, prop spinners & many m...Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)New Arrivals£15.9946
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    Maketar MMS017
    1:24,1:32,1:35,1:48,1:72,1:144,1:200Back in stock! 1200 masking elements! - EVERY MODELLER SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE SETS! All you need to mask any type and size of any wheel in any scale! Can be used for masking wheels of: Aircraft, tanks, cars, bikes, AFVas, trucks, carts, service vehicles, trainsa and anything else that has wheels! Contains circle & Spiral masks 2.5 to 65mm in diameter in steps of 0.2mm. Enough to mask 100as of wheels! This set contains 3 l...Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)New Arrivals£15.9945