Special Navy - Ship kits, full hull (injection)

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    Special Navy SN72002
    1:72Type IIA U-Boat. Typ IIA U-boot was the first German mass produced submarine for the newly built Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine. Most of the submarine crews were trained on this submarine class before the outbreak of the war. When the war broke out Typ II submarines took part in initial fights. With the introduction of the new Typ VII the older Typ IIs were, again used for training tasks. This is the first injection kit of this ...Ship kits, full hull (injection)Catalogue£67.503
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    Special Navy SN72004
    1:72CV-707 Vesikko Finnish submarine. Built in Finland, Vesikko was in fact a prototype of the German Type II submarine class. Vesikko, also known by her manufacturing code CV707 was introduced to service with the Finnish Navy in 1936 and went on to serve until 1944. She took part in both the Winter and Continuation Wars and in 1959, she became a permanent exhibit in Suomenlinna fortress and is displayed there ever since. Accu...Ship kits, full hull (injection)Catalogue£67.506
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    Special Navy SN72006
    1:72'Biber' German Midget Submarine / kleinkampfbande Biber The Biber was one of the weapon systems developed during the Second World War at the time when the situation on both fronts was gradually becoming worse and worse for Germany. In 1943 it became clear that the Allied invasion would take place soon somewhere on the Atlantic coast of the continent and the German military began to seek and develop new and rather unorthodox we...Ship kits, full hull (injection)Catalogue£13.506
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    Special Navy SN72007
    1:72Kriegsfischkutter 2022/autumnShip kits, full hull (injection)Future Releases£0.000