Tarangus - Aircraft kits (injection)

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  • Code Scale Description Type Department Price Stock
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    Tarangus TAR48001
    1:48Saab A-32A 'Lansen'Aircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£64.995
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    Tarangus TAR48002
    1:48Saab J-32B 'Lansen' This kit has a completely new fuselage, new resin exhaust and new ejection seats. The box art is by the artist Tor Karlsson.Aircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£64.996
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    Tarangus TAR48003
    1:48Saab JA-37 ViggenAircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£64.990
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    Tarangus TAR48004
    1:48Saab 91 Safir B/C/DAircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£34.995
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    Tarangus TAR48005
    1:48Scottish-Aviation Bulldog SK.61 Swedish Army and Air ForceAircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£34.9910
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    Tarangus TAR48006
    1:48Scottish-Aviation Bulldog T Mk.1 RAFAircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£34.992
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    Tarangus TAR48010
    1:48Saab B17B Swedish Air Force dive bomberAircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£49.994
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    Tarangus TAR72002
    1:72Saab J-32B/E 'Lansen'Aircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£32.994
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    Tarangus TAR72003
    1:72Saab JA-37 'Viggen' Tarangus and Special Hobby are proud to announce a new 'Viggen' in 1/72 scale. For more than 50 years, the Saab 37 'Viggen' has graced the European skies. Today, it continues to fly with the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight. However, there hasn't been a new kit in 1/72 scale of this wonderful aircraft for over 40 years. That is about to change! Tarangus and Special Hobby jointly released a new 'Viggen' ...Aircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£24.800
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    Tarangus TAR72004
    1:72Saab SF-37 'Viggen' photo-reconnaissanceAircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£34.998
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    Tarangus TAR72005
    1:72Saab AJS-37 'Viggen' SH/AJSF/AJSH Swedish Air Force photo-reconnaissanceAircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£24.806
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    Tarangus TAR72006
    1:72Saab J29F Tunnan. The ultimate version of the first truly competitive Swedish jet design came with a domestically developed afterburner and sawtooth wings, making it one of the best performing aircraft during the early years of the cold war. It served in the Swedish Air Force until 1976, during the last years as a highly appreciated target tug. Today only one aircraft remains airworthy and can be seen gracing the skies at air...Aircraft kits (injection)Catalogue£22.9945