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Warpaint Series WPS131
No Scale The Auster, In British Military & Foreign Air Arm Service. Author Adrian M Balch 64 pages, 15 pages of Colour Profiles Over 150 many never seen before images Stemming from the original American Taylorcraft design, the British Auster is arguably as well known and famous as the Tiger Moth, being built at the right time to provide a vital role during WW2 in the Air Observation Post role, spotting and reporting artillery posit... Aircraft books New Arrivals 24/11/2021 £17.00 - In Stock
Albatros Productions ASMAS001
No Scale Fokker F.I/Dr.I Special Vol.1 72 pages plus covers Aircraft books New Arrivals 04/11/2021 £28.00 - In Stock
Albatros Productions WSDA099
None Back in stock! Lohner T.1/Macchi L 1 (Windsock Datafiles) Aircraft books New Arrivals 03/11/2021 £9.75 - In Stock
Albatros Productions WSMD11
None Back in stock! Fokker D.V by P M Grosz (Windsock Datafiles) Aircraft books New Arrivals 03/11/2021 £5.00 - In Stock
HMH-Publications HMHDH-019
No Scale Airbus A-400M Atlas - 140 pages This book is an in-depth portrait of Europe's newest military transport aircraft, the A-400M Atlas. In 140 pages, every detail of the impressive aircraft is shown, from the fuselage, wings, landing gear, to the cockpit and cargo bay. Aircraft from every country operating the A-400M are included: UK, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Turkey and Malaysia. It also shows the A-400M in act... Aircraft books New Arrivals 03/11/2021 £25.99 - In Stock
HMH-Publications HMHDH-021
No Scale Grumman EA-6B Prowler. In this book, the Prowler is shown in both detail and action, with photos made on several US Navy aircraft carriers and on land. No detail is overlooked: fuselage, cockpit, wings and the wing folding mechanism, vertical tail, etc. A lot of photos of deck equipment are included too, ideal for aircraft diorama builders! More than 350 photos give a complete portrait of this impressive jet. 140 pages Aircraft books New Arrivals 03/11/2021 £25.99 - In Stock
HMH-Publications HMHDH-022
No Scale C-160 Transall, a two-engined transport aircraft that has been in service for over 54 years! Every detail of the elegant aircraft in service with air forces of Germany, France, Turkey and South Africa is included as well as some surprisingly dynamic action photos. Cockpit, cargo bay, fuselage, wings, vertical tail, and of course an extensive maintenance chapter is included. 116 pages Aircraft books New Arrivals 03/11/2021 £22.99 - In Stock
SAM Publications SAMMCOMP
No Scale Colour Conundrum authored by Paul Lucas with updated content to bring this right up to date. 84 pages. Aircraft books New Arrivals 30/10/2021 £19.99
Out of Stock
Warpaint Series WPS130
No Scale IIyushin II-28 Author Nikolay Jakubovich 68 pages PLUS 8 pages of A2 page plans 8 pages of Colour Profiles Never seen before Images Nikolay Yakubovich documents fully this milestone in Soviet aviation history. The Ilyushin Il-28 (NATO reporting name 'Beagle') was the Soviet Union's first jet bomber to enter large-scale production. Licence-built in China as the Harbin H-5, as well as in the Czech Republic, total pr... Aircraft books New Arrivals 30/10/2021 £17.00 - In Stock
Naval Fighters NF114
No Scale McDonnell-Douglas C-9A 'Nightingale'/C-9B 'Skytrain II' By Steve Ginter 96-Pages, Almost all color: the book has 178 color photos, 26 b&w photos, 27 color patches, 35 illustrations. The iconic Douglas DC-9 airliner was chosen by the USAF for a aeromedical evacuation and VIP transport aircraft as the C-9A and VC-9C respectively and by the US Navy/USMC as a passenger/cargo aircraft as the C-9B. 21 C-9As and 3 VC-9Cs were b... Aircraft books New Arrivals 16/10/2021 £33.30 - In Stock
4 + Publications 4PLUS25
No Scale Re-printed! Focke-Wulf Ta-152 [TA 152A Ta-152B Ta-152C TATa-152H Ta-153] Aircraft books New Arrivals 06/10/2021 £21.99 - In Stock
Start LIF31
No Scale Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 31. 50 pages, 56 photos - thereof 3 in colour, 6 colour graphics, 4 coloured emblems, 4 coloured documents, 3 coloured maps, reader's forum Aircraft in Focus: An Me 410 of ZG 26 with Wave Mirror Camouflage Unknown Emblems: It Really Did Exist-Luftgaukommando Moskau Scenery: First Photos of the Ju 252 of "Kommando Gotz" (1944) Background: The Operational Flying Clasp and Staffel Markings... Aircraft books New Arrivals 30/09/2021 £19.60 - In Stock
Valiant Wings Publishing VWPAM-17
No Scale AM-17 The Messerschmitt Bf-110 - A Complete Guide To The Luftwaffe's Famous Zerstorer Valiant Wings Publishing is pleased to announce that our next title in the well-established Airframe & Miniature series will be The Messerschmitt Bf 110 - A Complete Guide To The Luftwaffe's Famous Zerstorer by Richard A Franks. The Bf 110 has become very popular aircraft modelling subject in recent years and our latest book will go som... Aircraft books New Arrivals 22/09/2021 £24.95 - In Stock