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Seaforth Publishing SFP337-6
No Scale ShipCraft 24: Japanese Battleships IJN Fuso and IJN Ise classes by Robert Brown 9781473883376 Ship books New Arrivals 29/12/2019 £14.99 - In Stock
Seaforth Publishing SFP002-1
No Scale Eagles over the Sea 1935"1942 - A History of Luftwaffe Maritime Operations 9781526740021 Hardback by Lawrence Paterson Published: August 2019 Aircraft books New Arrivals 25/11/2019 £30.00 - In Stock
Seaforth Publishing SFP539-3
No Scale Italian Naval Camouflage of World War II 9781526735393 Hardback by Marco GhiglinoPublished: July 2018 Ship books New Arrivals 25/11/2019 £35.00 Out of Stock
Seaforth Publishing SFP816-5
No Scale British Submarines in Two World Wars 9781526738165 Hardback by Norman Friedman Published: June 2019 Although the Royal Navy did not invent the submarine, Norman Friedman's new book demonstrates how innovative the British were in their submarine design--more so than most realize. Royal Navy submarines performed well in combat in both world wars, and often in unheralded ways. By 1914, Britain had the largest submarine fleet in t... Aircraft books New Arrivals 25/11/2019 £50.00 - In Stock
Seaforth Publishing SFP885-3
No Scale British Town Class Cruisers 9781526718853 Hardback by Conrad Waters. Entering service between 1937 and 1939, the ten British Town' class cruisers were the most modern vessels of their type in the Royal Navy when the Second World War began. Built in response to large 6-inch gunned cruisers in the US and Japanese Navies and primarily designed for the defence of trade, they saw arduous service in a wide range of roles, playing a ... Ship books New Arrivals 25/11/2019 £40.00 - In Stock