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Model Art MA7269
1:72 Sikorsky SEA KING HAS.2 (Royal Navy) + Curtiss SB2C-5 HELLDIVER (Aéronautique Navale) Royal Navy: Westland SEA KING HAS2 - 814NAS (HMS Hermes & Blake), 819NAS (Prestwick), 820NAS(HMS Blake), 824NAS (HMS Ark Royal) & 826NAS (HMS Tiger). Aéronautique Navale: Curtiss SB2C-5 HELLDIVER - Flottilles 3F, 4F & 9F, S.E.S. 'Tunisie', Escadrilles de Servitude 3S & 10S with squadron badges for 3F (with & without shield), 3S & S.E.... Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 15/01/2019 £9.00 - In Stock
Model Art MA7270
1:72 BAe Jetstream T.1, T.2 & T3 (Royal Air Force & Royal Navy). Royal Navy: JETSTREAM T.2 & T.3 - 750NAS (red & blue trim) incl. '100 Years of Naval Aviation' scheme. Royal Air Force: JETSTREAM T.1 - 45 Squadron (red trim) Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 15/01/2019 £9.00 Out of Stock
Model Art MA7271
1:72 BAe Jetsream T.2 (Royal Navy), Dassault OURAGAN (Armée de l'Air) Royal Navy: Handley Page / B.Ae JETSTREAM T.2 - 750NAS (blue trim incl. 2007 'Observer 90th Anniversary' scheme). Armée de l'Air: Dassault MD450 OURAGAN - Centre D'Essais en Vol (CEV / Pilot = K. Rozanoff), CTB (Centre de Tir & de Bombardement), École de l'Air, École de Chasse Christian Martell, EC 2/2 'C'te d'Or', EC II/4 'Lafayette', EC 3/2 'Alsace'. Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 15/01/2019 £9.00 - In Stock
Model Art MAGEN005
1:72 Generic post-war British markings in white (reprint with additions) Post-war RAF Lettering (in white 1:72 2, 4, 6 and 8 inch letters, numerals & logos Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, Army, RAF Rescue, Transport Command, Support Command. Can also be used for 1:144 Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 15/01/2019 £6.00 - In Stock