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Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4101

  • ANIG4101
  • ANIG4101
  • ANIG4101
  • ANIG4101
Northrop YRB-49A (includes these BONUS kits Hughes XV-9A Hot cycle, MSU XV-11A Marvel and Ryan VZ-3RY) n June 1948, after the flight test of the YB-49 was proved, the U.S. Air Force ordered the type into full production as the RB-49A reconnaissance aircraft. It was powered by six jet engines, two of them externally mounted in under-wing pods, ruining the aircraft's sleek, aerodynamic lines, but extending its range by carrying additional fuel. One YB-35 airframe was chosen as the prototype for the RB-49 and designated YRB-49A. The YRB-49A first flew in May 1950. It soon became apparent that the proposed six-jet RB-49A would be much slower than the B-47, and the Air Force Board recommended immediate termination of the RB-49A. After only 13 flights, tes
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