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CMK/Czech Master Kits CMK8054

  • CMK8054
  • CMK8054
Description: MA-1A - 1/48 USAF Start Cart High pressure air starter unit used for starting an aircraft jet engine by means of high velocity air generated by a small turbine inside the cart. The MA-1A cart was in service since the 1950s and and was used to start number of US jet engine aircraft such as the T-33A, T-38 and many others, but could have been used with the huge C-130 turboprop as well.

Manufacturer: CMK/Czech Master Kits
Code Number: CMK8054
Scale: 1:48
Item type: Diorama accessories (resin)
Price: £19.40
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Quantity In Stock: In Stock 5+
Availability: This will usually be dispatched within 24/48 hours of receiving your order
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Department: Catalogue

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