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Hataka HTK-AS20

Late WWII Soviet Air Force paint set. 6 acrylic paints for airbrushing. The Soviet Air Force) used a fascinating variety of color shades during World War II combat-from early paints used until 1941, mid-war colours used from 1941 till 1943, to late war colors from 1943 till 1945. Due to extensive operations in winter zone, VVS was also a heavy user of various temporary winter-camouflage techniques.
Hataka Hobby has proudly released first true colour paint set for VVS planes from their range-covering all major shades used by Soviet Air Force in the late WW2 period (from July 1943 onwards) on both fighter and attack aircraft.
The set contains following colors:

HTK-A070 - AMT-12 Dark Grey - Used for upper surfaces in gray-gray and gray-brown-green
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Paint, Acrylic 17ml
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