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Mark I Models MKM144128

  • MKM144128
  • MKM144128
  • MKM144128
  • MKM144128
  • MKM144128
Fiat G.50/50bis 'Italian Arrow' (2in1 = 2 kits in 1 box) (Italian AF, Finnish AF, Luftwaffe)

The Fiat G.50 was an Italian fighter aircraft designed in the mid-1930s, which became the most advanced fighter to be produced in Italy at that time. The prototype flew in February 1937, while the first production aircraft were delivered to the air force two years later.
In the autumn of 1940, an improved version with an extended combat range was introduced and designated the G.50bis. In total, production of the G.50 reached 784 aircraft in seven production series; 426 of which were manufactured by Fiat (Aeritalia) and another 358 were built by CMASA. 58 aircraft were exported: 13 G.50s to Spain, 35 aircraft to Finland and 10 went to Croatia.
It was a s
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