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Mark I Models MKM14496

  • MKM14496
  • MKM14496
  • MKM14496
  • MKM14496
  • MKM14496
  • MKM14496
Let L-13/L-13A Blanik 'Aeroclub Workhorse' (2 kits in 1)
(Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic, U.S.A., U.K., Austria, Hungary)

The L-13 Blanik is a two-seater glider produced by the Czechoslovak company Let Kunovice. Designed at the VZLU Aeronautical Research and Test Establishment in Prague in 1954-56, its prototype first flew in March 1956. It is an all-metal monoplane, with the fuselage of a semi-monocoque construction and high set wings with characteristic forward sweep. Its cockpit is enclosed by a two-piece acrylic glass canopy. The flaps and control surfaces are fabric covered and the fuselage is provided with a single-wheel semi-retractable landing gear and a fixed tail skid.
The L-13 entered production in 1958 and quickly gained popularity
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