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  • PSL72373
Dassault Mirage F.1 Part 1
1. Mirage F.1CG Unit: 342 MPK, 114 PM. Serial: 105 (c/n 59). Mirage F.1CG '105', basically as delivered to the EPA, in 1978, albeit with the badge of the 342 MPK applied on the fin. Only two Mirages are known to have carried this bade: except '105' the other was '113'.

2. Mirage F.1EQ-1 Unit: 92nd FS, IrAF. Serial: 4010 belonged to the first batch of 16 F.1EQs supplied to Iraq between April and October 1981, where it entered service with the 92nd FS. The unit suffered extensive losses during the first series of engagements with IRIAF F-14s, most of which occurred in December 1981 inside the Kuwaiti airspace!

3. Mirage F.1EQ-5. Part: IrAF. Number: 4578 It is believed that the Iraqi Mirages F.1EQ-5, equipped with Cyran
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