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Starfighter Decals SFD48013

  • SFD48013
  • SFD48013
  • SFD48013
Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless at war in the Pacific. For the Accurate Miniatures kit (Re-issued by MRC and Italeri over the past years) Set has markings for 11 different SBD-3 aircraft.Markings for 11 different SBD-3 used buy the USN from the Battle of Coral Sea until the end of the Guadalcanal Campaign. Markings for SBDs from Lexington, Saratoga, Yorktown, Enterprise, Hornet, and Wasp plus one land based unit. Aircraft included are Lt Best and Lt Kleiss from CV-6 at Midway, Cdr Ault from Coral Sea, The Queen Bee, a SBD that scored a bomb hit on the IJN Ryujo, a Lexington SBD crew that was awarded the Medal of Honor, and another that gravely wounded Saburo Sakai over Tuligi.
Starfighter Decals
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