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  • SH72318
  • SH72318
Supermarine Spitfire F Mk.21 "Contraprop" The first version of the Spitfire that had completely redesigned wing was the Spitfire Mk.21.
The changes in its construction were so important that a new name Victor had been also considered. Design work on this plane were commenced in 1942 and in the beginning of 1945 the first production aircraft were issued to No.91sqn. After the war, the Spitfire Mk.21 enjoyed rather long peace-time service with both RAF and RAuxAF squadrons. And with this version of the Spitfire, a contrapropeller unit was being used on a large scale. And therefore, markings of two machines with a contraprop have been chosen for this boxing of our Spitfire model.
In the box containing a model of this beautiful aircraft you will find f
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Special Hobby
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