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Syhart Decal SY48114

  • SY48114
  • SY48114
  • SY48114
  • SY48114
  • SY48114
Back in stock! McDonnell F-4M Phantom II FGR.2 XV404 "Tigermeet 1992" 74Sqn The No 74 (Fighter) Squadron of RAF is one of three founders members of NATO tigermeet.

On 1984, on RAF Wattisham, Suffolk, the No 74(F) Squadron reformed with arrival of the 15 Phantom F.3s, the ex-US Navy Phantoms, generally referred to as the F-4J(UK), it's the only RAF unit to fly these aircrafts.
These Phantom F.3s were used till 1991, when the squadron was converted with the lasts Phantom FGR.2, being one of the last RAF unit to fly phantoms before been converted to Bae Hawk T.1 from october 1992. The squadron was finally been disbanded on 2000

On september 1992, close to the retirement of Phantom FGR.2s, a mini Tiger was held by No74(F) squadron on RAF Wattish
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Syhart Decal
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