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TAN Models TAN2201-1

  • TAN2201-1
  • TAN2201-1
Republic RF-84F Thunderflash

Total 181 parts, Cartograf print premium decal sheet, Transparency masks and anti-glare patch, Detailed 59 parts camera bays.

- Option to display camera bays in the open position

- Cockpit consist of 35 parts

- Option to display canopy open or closed

- Fully detailed air intakes

- Positionable flaps, ailerons, horizontal stabilizers and rudder parts

- Precise panel lines and rivet details ( Engraving and raised "like life )

- 4x external drop fuel tanks

Decal options :

1- 53-7571 KA-E No.729 Sqn. Kastrup Airbase Royal Danish A.F. " Denmark 1958
2- FR-27, 42e Smaldeel, Bierset Airbase. Belgian A.F. " Belgie 1970
3- FR-34, 42e Smaldeel, Bierset Airbase. Belgian A.F. " Belgie July 1971 "Adieu
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TAN Models
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