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Thunder Models THU35101

Bergepanzer 38(t) Hetzer Late version. WAS £47.99. TEMPORARILY SAVE 1/3RD!!!
- 350+ plastic parts (sprues A, B, C, 2xD, Z )
slide molded, multi-side slide molded hull and body
- faithfully reproduced crane and winch
- PE detail sheet, scale chain
- PE color printed instruments

Bergerpanzer 38(t) was a recovery vehicle based on Hetzer’s base, with lower open-top superstructure, manufactured by BMM company in Prague. The plans were approved in September 1944 and called for production of 170 vehicles until the end of 1944. In fact just 101 vehicles were built. To meet the production plans it was decided to convert 64 summer production's Hetzers into armoured recovery vehicles, but it is unknown how many were actually converted. Product
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Thunder Models
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Military vehicle kits (injection)
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