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Xtradecal X72267

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Description: Fairey Barracuda Mks.I, Mk.II and Mk.III (10)
BV760 P 1709 NAS RNAS Katukcurunda Ceylon 1945;
LS628 4F HMS Furious attacked the Tirpitz 1944;
MD771 E1L 767 NAS RNAS East Haven 1944;
MD892 R3M 713 NAS RNAS Ronaldsway 1944;
P9742 3B 847 NAS HMS Victorious 1944;
P9981 2X 810 NAS HMS Illustrious 1944 BPF;
PM953 371/A 812 NAS Lt P.Poole HMS Vengeance BPF 1945;
RJ765 301/GN 815 NAS RNAS Eglington 1950s;
Mk.III R5D 710 NAS S/Lt Roy David RNAS Ronaldsway 1945;
RJ925 Master Pilot W.E.Blood Joint RAF?RN Torpedo Development Unit RNAS Culdrose 1951 overall HS Silver;
Manufacturer: Xtradecal
Code Number: X72267
Scale: 1:72
Item type: Aircraft decals (military)
Price: £7.99
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Quantity In Stock: In Stock 20+
Availability: This will usually be dispatched within 24/48 hours of receiving your order
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Department: Catalogue

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