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Tiger Models TM4616

  • TM4616
  • TM4616
  • TM4616
IDF Nagmachon Doghouse-Late APC. WAS £61.99. TEMPORARILY SAVE 1/3RD!!!
Nagmachon is a heavily armoured infantry fighting vehicle fielded by the Israel Defense Forces .The Nagmachon evolved from the NagmaShot APC, which in turn was based on Centurion Sho't hulls from the 1970s and 1980s.Because of their elevated turret, Nagmachons are often seen supervising, securing and escorting the D9 & D10 Caterpillar bulldozers in the urban battle zones and under fire.Also, the Nagmachon is equipped with formidable side skirts (bazooka plates), The rear most pair are made of metal armor plates which are hinged to tilt upward. This is meant to offer some protection from small arms fire for disembarking troops.The Nagmachon is equipped with four IS-10 grenad
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Tiger Models
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