Why do you have a minimum order value and how much is it?

Like all businesses we have ever increasing costs and these have to be covered from the profit we make on what we sell. In 1994 our accountants made us aware of just how much, on average, it costs us to process an order.

We decided there and then that we had to have a minimum order value so we could cover our costs on as many orders, but not all, as is possible. Even with these miniumums we still send out 100+ orders a week we do not make or lose money on.

Our minimums vary according to how long various types of goods take to be packed. Minimums on decals are lowest because decals and etched parts are the quickest and easiest to pack. Minimums on overseas kit orders are higher because these take longer time to pack. We will be looking at these minimums all the time and hope to bring them down as this website reduces the time, and therefore cost, it takes to handle an order.

We often suggest to people who ask this question that they look thru an old copy of a modelling magazine and see how few firms that are advertising in it are still in business. You will be suprised how few there are.

H.G.Hannant Ltd started in 1890 and we aim to continue supplying models to modellers for a long time to come!

When you are logged in and have items in your cart and if your order is below the minimum you will be told. If you are above the minimum you will not see anything about minimums.

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