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Special Hobby SH32003
1:32 Curtiss P-36A Hawk The Curtiss P-36 was a famous fighter from the firm of Curtiss. In 1/32 scale, it is the first injection moulded model of this fighter. The model is very detailed, it includes 4 frames of parts, one frame of injected clear parts, a casting with small PUR parts and a coloured photo-etched part. The decals depict the two Curtiss P-36 Hawks of 2/Lt. H.W.Brown (2 victories) and Lt.P.Rasmussen (1 victory) who, on... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32009
1:32 Re-released! Heinkel He-100D-1 'Propaganda Jager He 113' The Heinkel He 100D was flown in comparative flight tests against the Messerschmitt Bf 109 type in the competition for the standard Luftwaffe fighter. Eventually, the Bf 109 became the winner, but as the He 100D outperformed it in a couple of respects, it also reached the production, albeit giving only a very small batch of airframes. These were later used by German nazi... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32016
1:32 Curtiss-Hawk H-75A-4 / Mohawk Mk.IV The Royal Air Force operated the Hawk airplanes which featured a different style of engine cowling with the R-1820 power unit. These planes were known as the Mohawk Mk.IV and saw service mainly in Asia. Two of the Asia-deployed machines are offered in this kit Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £44.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32017
1:32 Morane-Saulnier type N 'RFC' Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £33.80 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32026
1:32 Bell P-39Q Airacobra The Airacobra was used also in the Pacific, flying from various islands and taking part in the battles against the Japanese. This Hi-Tech format kit comes with very interestig options amongs which is an all-black machine with a motif of a semi naked girl figure and also two machines in sand over light blue colours. The Hi-Tech means that the modeller gets plethora of detailed resin and photo-etched parts. Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £51.80 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32034
1:32 Mitsubishi A5M2b 'Claude' 'Over China' (discontinued November 10th 2021) Deployed during the undeclared Sino-Japanese War was for the Chinese pilots a real unpleasant surprise since they were able to dogfight Japanese biplane fighters Nakajima A2N and A4N. The new and up to date A5Ms were tough adversaries. Mitsubishi A5M were IJN produced n several versions, the last combat versions were A5M2b and A5M4. The Sino-Japanese Wa... Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32033
1:32 Nakajima Ki-27 'Nate' Nomonhan Aces Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32038
1:32 Curtiss-Hawk H-75M / H-75N / H-75O Hawk. It is an export version of the H-75 Hawk type featuring a fixed undercarriage and the model brings camouflage otpions of the air forces of Argentina, Siam and China.. Between the wars Curtiss fighter aircraft were the considered the best and so they were exported in large numbers. Curtiss continued in this manner even after model H-75 was introduced. Except the fact the USAAF chose H-75... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £44.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32039
1:32 Mitsubishi A5M4 'Claude' 'Hi-tech version' with resin cockpit Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £44.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32040
1:32 Nakajima Ki-27 Otsu Nate Decals Over Malaya and Philippines Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32045
1:32 Heinkel He-100D 'Soviet and Japanese Test Plane' Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32048
1:32 Lockheed F-80C 'over Korea'. During the Second World War ingenious Kelly Johnson started to design jet fighter that eventually fought in Korean War five years later. Shooting Stars were the most modern machines on Korean skies until the MiG- 15s were deployed. To gain the air superiority again, F- 86 Sabres had to be transferred to Korea. The Korean War lasted five long years and for all this time F-80C flew fighter-bomber... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £47.20 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32028
1:32 Bell P-39Q/N Airacobra 'Soviet Guard Regiments' Due to its unorthodox design that featured engine located behind the pilot's cockpit, P-39 Airacobra was not U.S. pilots' dream fighter. Nevertheless, Soviet pilots really liked to fly Airacobras. From all the aircraft delivered to Soviet Union as part of Lend-Lease, P-39s accounted a large percentage. During the low level fights on Eastern Front Airacobras were highly dangerous ... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £44.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32049
1:32 Hawker Tempest Mk.V Decals for NV969 coded SA-A of 486 (NZ) Sqn. RAF, Fassberg base, Germany, April 1945. NV969 was used as personal aircraft of squadron commander, New Zealander S/Ldr. Warren 'Smokey' Schrader, DFC and Bar. The pilot scored, mostly in the cockpit of NV969, 9,5 victories from 10th April 1945 to 1st May1945 becoming the second most successful Tempest pilot (after S/Ldr. Fairbainks). Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £46.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32054
1:32 Re-released! Hawker Tempest Mk.II Hi-Tech (There are twice as many resin parts in this kit as in the Mk.V Hi-Tech so it is a slightly higher price) Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals £79.30
Out of Stock
Special Hobby SH32055
1:32 Hawker Tempest Mk.VI During World War Two the opposing sides were constantly competing against each other to keep abreast of the latest technological developments and as a result this led to ever more powerful and effective warplanes. In 1941 the new German Fw-190 fighter aircraft began to enter service and as its main response the British hastily developed the Spitfire Mk.V into the Mk.IX with a better Merlin engine, although... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £46.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32037
1:32 NEARLY GOOD AS NEW!!! North-American T-2 Buckeye 'Red & White Trainer'. Legendary T-2 Buckeye was a tireless workhorse that helped several generations of U.S. Navy and Marine pilots to earn their wings. Had it had a digitalised cockpit it could have served till today. Even though T-2s still fly as private jets in USA, Greece and Venezuela. The most common paint scheme of T-2 consisted of white overall with red areas Decals inc... Aircraft kits (injection) Second Hand £47.20 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32059
1:32 North-American T-2 Buckeye 'Camouflaged Trainer'. Except of its common trainer role in white and red outfit the T-2 aircraft flew or still flies in different colors. T-2s served with U.S. Navy VF-43 Challengers, the Aggressor unit that operates from NAS Oceania. This unit's T-2s served in typical camouflage consisting of various grey colors. Export version T-2D for Venezuela and T-2E for Greece received camouflage of two green... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £47.20 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32060
1:32 Bristol M.1C "Checkers & Stripes" Kit contains the same plastic parts as Bristol M.1C "Wartime Colours" but offers different decals, this time for three trainers. What they lack on the combat fame thay catch up with attractive camouflages. You can choose from checkers or stripes; if this is still not your cup of coffee you can pick a machine with a fancy dragon art painting. One of the machines is presented in two different ap... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £35.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32057
1:32 Bristol M.1C 'Wartime Colours' The kit contains three sprues with plastic parts. The sprue with big parts was prepared using short-run technology while the small part sprue was 3D designed and is injected from the metal mould in excellent quality. Of very same quality is the 3D designed and resin cast seat; real aircraft seat featured wicker woven back rest. Another resin part is the dynamo airscrew; other small parts are in t... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £35.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32058
1:32 Fiat G.50bis "Luftwaffe and Croatian AF" During 1941 the Fiat G.50-II became outperformed by Allied fighter planes. The Regia Aeronautica also needed fighters capable of attacks against ground targets. Therefore, Fiat company designed a new version, the Fiat G.50bis with better performance and capable of fighter-bomber missions. The majority of produced machines flew in Italian colours and some of them were used by anoth... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32061
1:32 Fiat G.50-II "Regia Aeronautica" In the time just before the outburst of World War Two, the Fiat G.50 Freccia became one of the main fighter aircraft of the Regia Aeronautica, or the Royal Italian Air Force. The early version of this plane had already been combat- proven during the late stages of the Spanish Civil War. The first version to be mass-produced was the G.50- II which also incorporated demands and experiences of com... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32062
1:32 Bell P-400 Airacobra Following the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, the United States of America declared war on the Japanese Empire which led to short-lived but drastic reduction in weapon supplies to foreign countries. The USA seized plenty of aircraft that had been ordered by Sweden and Great Britain for its own usage. Amongst these planes were also the Caribou Mk.I (later to be renamed the Airacobra Mk.I) fighters for the ... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32063
1:32 Bloch MB.152C-1 Early Version. The Bloch MB 152C.1 was one of four pivotal fighter aircraft types the Armée de L'Air (or French Air Force) used in the defence of France in 1940. Alongside the Morane-Saulnier MS 406, Dewoitine D.520 and ex-U.S. Curtiss H 75, they tried, although in vain, to stop the invading German Luftwaffe. As the development of this machine was not an easy one and the production was rather slow, the production... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32068
1:32 IAR IAR-81C (ex Azur-Frrom) In the late 1930s, the Polish PZL P.11 and P.24 all-metal, high wing fighter planes were produced under licence by IAR, Industria Aeronautica Romana. Using the P.24's fuselage structure, a new fighter plane was created by a design team led by Ion Grosu and the plane was named the IAR -80. The new fighter had performance approaching that of contemporary foreign designs like the Hurricane, P-36, MS 40... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £44.99 - In Stock